Trump accuses China of interfering in upcoming Midterm Elections

US President Donald Trump has accused China of interfering in the upcoming midterm elections to damage him politically because of his tough decisions on trade. Speaking at the United Nations Security Council yesterday, Mr. Trump said that Beijing does not want him or his Republican Party to win win, because he is the first president to ever challenge China on trade. However, the US President did not offer proof for his claim.

Mr Trump has accused the Chinese of election meddling before, but never in such international forum. He tweeted last week that China was actively trying to impact and change US election by attacking farmers, ranchers and industrial workers because of their loyalty to him.

China swiftly denied Mr. Trump’s accusation by saying that they did not, and will not, interfere in any country’s domestic affairs. Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, said during his speech before the Security Council that they refuse to accept any unwarranted accusations.

President Trump’s allegation comes as trade tensions soar between Beijing and Washington, which this week enacted new tariffs against China covering another 200 billion US dollars of its imports.

The US also irked China earlier this week by going ahead with plans to sell a batch of military parts to the self- governing island of Taiwan. Beijing sees Taiwan as part of its territory awaiting unification, and is deeply suspicious of the island’s relations with the United States.

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