Jammu and Kashmir governor Satya Pal Malik has said in an interview to Indian Express, “It is possible that we have not kept the promises made at that time but I guarantee that on 370 and 35A” Cutting short of extending absolute assurance, governor added,”I have faith in the Indian judiciary, there is nothing to worry about.” This statement vindicates the oft repeated stand of the state and center government in the supreme court, where both the governments have dilly dallied over presenting a categorical and candid stand on this controversial articles of the constitution of India and used one excuse or the other to defer the case further.

While advocating the continuation of the said articles, Governor Malik said, “Even in Himachal (Pradesh) and the (states of) North East, you cannot buy land.” And candidly expressed that there is nothing wrong in it saying,” Ye kaun sa bada gunaah hai”

The statement of Governor comes at a time when efforts are being made by center to bring separatist leadership to negotiating table. In light of this activity at back channel, Governor extended the olive branch to separatist leadership to come forward and discuss the issue; however, Governor Malik was candid in denouncing any scope or participation of Pakistan in these talks and satirizing but firmly said “We will not mediate in these talks”

In this detailed interview, Governor Malik made it clear that elimination of militancy is the prime target of state and not the militants. Militancy has created havoc in state and it is the need of hour to create a social order against militancy and gun culture. The statement of Governor sounds promising and holistic in light of utter chaos and bloodshed in valley over past three decades. He refuted the propaganda that armed forces are given free hand under Governor’s rule he said, “In my discussions with all three GOCs, no one has asked for a free hand.”

Ruling out any scope of defection leading to government formation in state, Governor Malik said, “I can guarantee that there will be no underhand government in Jammu and Kashmir.” Assembly Elections, he said will be held as per schedule or with the parliamentary elections, but refrained from committing exact time. Pertinent to mention, this lays to rest the hushed tones and whispers about BJP forming a government through inflicting defection in other parties. However, the scope of NC-PDP alliance doesnot not comprises the defection laws, so the prying minds are still free to tittle-tattle over matters of government formation.

Governor Malik in a very forthright manner sent a message to the terrorist groups saying, “I want to say to them that they are not even one-fourth of the LTTE” and went on with an authoritarian approach saying, “When they (LTTE) could not take over a country, it is not possible here,”

This was the first major interaction of honorable governor with media and he touched almost all major concerns at hand without mincing words. It seems, Mr Governor with this attitude and style means business.

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