GCR Launches ‘Wooble’- a Web Meeting and Audio Video Conferencing Solution


Elated at the launch of ‘Wooble’, Tony Tsao, Founder & CEO, GCR, said, “GCR continues to revolutionise collaborative communications with the introduction of our next-generation Web Meeting & AV Conferencing Solution; Wooble. Wooble is here to mark our metabolism in the field of Web conferences, AV Conferencing, Web Seminars as well as Web Meetings. We are excited to roll out our next-generation solution Wooble.”
Some other features of Wooble include allowing the user to invite a large number of participants to their webinar using a simple link. It further allows real-time interactive session wherein one can log into the mobile or desktop browser and can easily carry out video calling, voice recording, messaging, analytics, user authentication, screen sharing, file sharing and many more activities without affecting the existing infrastructure.
Some other key features of Wooble include:
Unlimited participants Enables Seamless sessions Cost-effective Allows participation from all across the globe Host interactive webinar Live streaming, record, and replay RSVP, calendar, and reminder Screen sharing Provides 24 x 7 customer support Does not require installation of any software for attendees Live chat with all participants “The world is moving towards d igitization at a fast pace and so is India, with Wooble we wish to cooperate and add up to the speed. We at GCR are hopeful that this venture of ours will prove to be an asset in every vertical,” added Tsao.

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