China says different voices coming from Pak on CPEC; plays down reports on investment cut


China on Tuesday played down reports of Pakistan’s plans to cut down a railway project under the multi-billion dollar CPEC by USD 2 billion, saying Prime Minister Imran Khan has assured his support to the various projects under the flagship Belt and Road Initiative.
Pakistan’s Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid recently announced plans to cut the USD 8.2 billion Karachi-Peshawar railway project by about USD 2 billion.
It is the biggest project under the USD 50 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which India opposes as it is being laid through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.
On Sunday, Khan said Pakistan is reviewing the projects under the CPEC to safeguard the interest of the people in Balochistan province.
Khan in the past criticised former prime minister Nawaz Sharif for the lack of transparency and corruption in the CPEC projects.
He said that Balochistan had a number of reservations about the mega project.
Asked about Pakistan’s plans to cut down the railway projects over fears of accumulating debt, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang told media on Tuesday that the new Pakistan government has expressed its support for the CPEC projects.
“You have only noted some aspects of the report. Recently on the advancement of the CPEC, we have noted that there are different comments and reports coming from the media.
“You can see that the new Pakistani government and Prime Minister (Khan) has made it clear that they will support the advancement of the CPEC,” Lu said.
He was apparently referring to the assurances by the new government in Islamabad about the continuation of the CPEC projects during the recent visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Pakistan.
Lu said the CPEC served the economic and social development and referred to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) report which he said “made it clear that the advancement of the CPEC did not cause any burden to Pakistan”.
“The IMF also said the CPEC from a long-term perspective will enhance Pakistan’s capacity for the development,” he said, adding that all the projects were conceived after extensive consultations with Pakistan.
About the comments by some Pakistan officials to cut down the cost of the projects, he said: “We should view such comments in a comprehensive way. Actually, the advancement of the CPEC is conducive to the inter-connectivity and prosperity of the region including Pakistan”.
“We hope you can see that the CPEC is very important project of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI),” Li added.
China had announced after the visit of Wang to Pakistan in September that the CPEC projects will be extended to the western areas of Pakistan, which included Balochistan.
The CPEC is the flagship project of the multi-billion dollar BRI, a pet project of President Xi Jinping aimed at enhancing China’s influence around the world through China-funded infrastructure projects.

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