“Interrupting a pregnancy is like eliminating someone; Suppression of civil & human values ” – Pope Francis


Pope Francis on Wednesday compared having an abortion to hiring a “contract killer”.

“Interrupting a pregnancy is like eliminating someone… Getting rid of a human being is like resorting to a contract killer to solve a problem,” Francis said in an address to worshippers in the Vatican. In his address he added ,”how can an act that suppresses innocent life be therapeutic , civil or even human. Note worthy to mention, Pope Francis this year opposed a bill that would have legalized abortion in Argentina. In response 1000’s of Argentine Catholics had renounced there membership to the church protesting Popes’s opposition to the Bill.

Christianity and abortion has a long and complex history, and there are a variety of positions taken by contemporary Christian denominations on the topic. There is no explicit prohibition of abortion in either the Old Testament or New Testament books of the Christain Bible. While some writers say that early christains held different beliefs at different times about abortion, others say that, in spite of the silence of the New Testament on the issue, they condemned abortion at any point of pregnancy as a grave sin, a condemnation that they maintained even when some of them did not qualify as homicide the elimination of a fetus not yet “formed” and animated by a human soul Some authors, such as ethicist Benjamin Wiker have contrasted the prohibition of abortion in later Christian societies with the availability of abortion that was present in earlier Roman society, arguing that this reflects a wider condemnation of pagan practices.

Today, different Christian denominations take on a range different stances on the issue of abortion.

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