#MeToo social media movement which started on Twitter in 2017 has reached Jammu and Kashmir. In a very bold and fearless manner DySp Shashi Thakur adopted the hash-tag to be a part of this social media movement. Shashi Thakur posting a tweet under #MeToo hash-tag saying, “I raised my voice against land mafia of my state but had to face sexual harassment in the hands of then director Vigilance. Alok Puri. Despite complaints against him that I filed, no one took action against him.”

The social media campaign was started with Harvey Weinstein incident in the West, where the noted Hollywood producer was accused of sexual harassment by over 70 women. It was only yesterday that major media houses reported its India coming and with the Tweet of Shashi Thakur, the campaign has reached J&K.

This social media movement gathered momentum with many noted personalities Tanushree Dutta, Ashley Judd, Jennifer Lawrence, Uma Truman taking to this social media campaign. Pertinent to mention six journalists have labeled allegations on Union Minister MJ Akbar which is emboldening more and more women to speak up.

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