In the latest development to the social media issue involving a police officer of Dy SP rank Shashi Thakur and former additional director general of Police Alok Puri, the ADG Alok Puri who was Director Vigilance in year 2015 when the lady police officer alleges harassment has vehemently denied all allegations labeled upon him by the lady police officer.

Talking to Epilogue reporter, former ADG Alok Puri said these are purely diversionary tactics of the police officer considering there is a case of land encroachment against her in the court of law, and the matter is currently sub judice. He further added that everything is recorded in documents and it is the responsibility of media to collect all the documents pertaining to case and do necessary research to unearth the truth. He termed the allegations ‘baseless and fraud’

On asking if he is contemplating any legal action or defamation suite on the lady officer, he categorically said, “Is it mandatory for me to disclose, please leave that for me to decide”

Our sources revealed that there is a case of trespassing pending against the said lady police officer in question and investigation is currently going on. It is alleged that the lady police officer has trespassed someone’s land and the matter is registered with police. Considering the allegations labeled by the lady police officer are old and recorded, our sources revealed that the state vigilance commission has passed a judgment in this regard and said, the lady police officer should be made accountable for labeling such allegations.

Pertinent to mention the said lady police officer had expressed herself through a viral hashtag #MeToo campaign on twitter claiming “I raised voice against land mafia in my state but had to face sexual harassment in the hands of the then Director Vigilance Alok Puri. Despite complaints against him that I filed no one took action against him. Waiting for Justice..MeToo,”

Our efforts to reach the said lady police officer failed despite many tries.

Meanwhile our news network has reports of a latest social media Tweeter campaign #HIMTOO has started and it is gaining momentum. This campaign has been launched by few social activists to counter allegations which are not supported by any evidence.

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