Graded Response Action Plan comes into force in Delhi from today to combat air pollution

An emergency action plan will be implemented in the national capital from today to combat air pollution that has begun to show a trend towards poor category.
Central Pollution Control Board has predicted further fall in the air quality index in the coming days. Under the emergency plan called Graded Response Action Plan, stringent actions will be implemented based on the air quality of the city.
The authority said, if the air quality lies between moderate to poor category- measures like, banning garbage burning and enforcing all pollution control regulations in brick making factories and industries would be implemented.
Meanwhile, if the air quality deteriorates and falls in the very poor category, additional measures including banning the use of diesel generator sets and enhancing parking fees would be implemented.
Burning of paddy straw every year during October and November and wheat straw during April in Punjab and Haryana are the major contributors of air pollution in Delhi-NCR, as the smoke travels towards the national capital.
 In Delhi, it mixes with fog and creates a toxic smoggy winter every year.

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