Think beyond medical, engineering professions: Advisor Ganai to students

Advisor to the Governor, Khurshid Ahmed Ganai, Sunday urged the students to prepare for the next Technological Revolution and think of an unexplored world of many other professions beyond medicine and engineering.

Speaking at a glittering function organized by a private educational institution to felicitate the meritorious students who qualified NEET & JEE exams, the Advisor said the students need to think beyond the two professions of medicine and engineering and explore equally other attractive fields that tinkle our creative nerve. “This perception has to change. There are many other professions which we have conveniently chosen to ignore,” he said.

Ganai said we stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work and relate to one another and in its scale, scope and complexity, the transformation will be huge and unlike anything the mankind has witnessed before.

Elaborating further, he highlighted the new big things on the anvil like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Quantum Computing, 3-D printing, internet of things, robotics, autonomous vehicles and driverless cars which are going to change the way we live and think. He appealed to the teachers to improve the quality of teaching that will further improve learning outcomes. He also emphasized upon the need to sensitize students about modern challenges so that they prepare well in advance to face the onslaught of future technologies.

He asked Director School Education Kashmir to work on building capacities of Government teachers to improve the quality of teaching and suggested incentivizing good teaching in Government as well as Private schools.

Asking the students and youth to develop entrepreneurial mindset, the Advisor said skilled youth can start their own ventures. “They can not only provide jobs to themselves, but also create employment opportunities for many others” he said, while urging the teachers to familiarize students with entrepreneurship and narrate to them the success stories of global entrepreneurs so that they get inspired.

The Advisor also pinpointed various schemes in the State and Central sector that can facilitate the youth in startup ventures.

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