Information Technology Deptt to provide dedicated IT infrastructure for Civil Secretariat Jammu

To reduce transportation of office IT infrastructure and wear-n-tear during the bi-annual Durbar Move, the Information Technology Department is making provision for separate IT infrastructure including Desktops, Laptops, Printers and UPSs for Civil Secretariat, Jammu.
“The codal formalities for procurement of IT infrastructure for Civil Secretariat Jammu has been initiated and it is expected that the Information Technology Department will commence handing over the new infrastructure at Civil Secretariat, Jammu during the transit days,” said a Circular issued by the IT Department here this evening.
It said in light of the provision of new IT infrastructure, all the Administrative Secretaries are being requested to take measures to ensure seamless conduct of official business in their respective Departments once offices open at Jammu.
The measures as per the Circular include that the users of the present IT infrastructure at Civil Secretariat Srinagar be identified i.e. their name, designation, contact/mobile number and e-mail address along with the specification of machines they are using in the Civil Secretariat, Srinagar (i.e. Desktop, Laptop, All-in-One Desktop, Printers) be tabulated and furnished to the Nodal Officer from the Information Technology Department by 19 October, 2018.
It said the IT Department is procuring All-in-One Desktops with screen size 20” plus, Laser Jet Printers, UPSs and Laptops. 20% of the existing desktops in every department will be replaced with laptops. This will be done with a view to provide laptops only to such users in the Department who are also required to work on-the-move or from home relatively more. “Therefore, 20% users of desktops within their department who would be provided laptops in lieu of desktops be identified and such list be handed over to the Nodal Officer from the IT Department,” it said.
The Circular said that suitable room(s) in the Civil Secretariat, Srinagar be identified in consultation with the Estates Department for the safe keep of existing departmental computers and peripherals under lock and key.  Such rooms should be devoid of moisture and dust flow in the six months of closure i.e. November, 2018 till April, 2019.
It must be ensured that the computers are brushed clean, numbered, covered preferably with cellophane and packed in cardboard cartons during the period of closure.
It must be ensured that the users of the existing computers in every department copy their work (softcopy) in pen drives for transferring into the new machines. Master copy of such documents be copied and retained in hard drives, procurement of which is under way by the IT Department.

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