Socio-political activist Inam ul Nabi condemns attack on media; Claims Mind Power not Muscle power will resolve Kashmir

Renowned socio-political valley based activist Inam ul Nabi condemns attack On journalists by security forces at Fatehkadal area of Srinagar district.

While speaking with our reporter Banday Faheem Ahmad at Srinagar, Inam ul Nabi lamented the difficulties faced by the journalists and allied media fraternity in Kashmir over past some time. He expressed grave concern over repeated obstruction created by the government in allowing the media from reporting the incidents, saying “Media is the fourth pillar of democracy, and it is very disturbing that at one end, government calls in security forces to protect the democracy and its institutions and at the other end prevents media personnel from reporting.” added “we deeply condemn the use of force on journalists who were at the scene to report.”

Inam ul Nabi while appealing to the governor said, “We called upon the governor of the state to intervene in this matter so that such incidents are not repeated in future.”

While expressing himself over the prevailing situation in valley, he said, “We are facing oppression in here (Valley) and incidents like attack on journalists are part of the activities by the state to keep the society at large away from the happenings in valley.”

Inam ul Nabi while projecting the latest issue faced by Kashmiri Students in other states said, “Ever since the turmoil started we have seen that Kashmiri student is not safe anywhere, as far as offering of prayer in absentia of Manaan Wani is concerned, I have said it already in national media that offering a prayer is a religious obligation and even constitution of India, Article 19 allows it. “Making a very interesting claim, he added, “Even if the slogans of Azadi are raised, the constitution of India allows it. These are efforts to harras the Kashmiri children since they know the innate desires of Kashmiri’s”

Inam ul Nabi while expressing himself over the intervention of Governor in AMU issue, he said, “We wish to express our gratitude to governor through your channel whose timely intervention revoked the suspension of these children.”

Expressing over the recent ban over internet services Inam ul Nabi said, “Blocking my web pages, accounts, ban on social media, internet, beating journalists is in no way going to resolve the issue, they (government) can block everything but not the sentiments and aspiration of masses.” Raking the issue of blocking his page, he said, “I had written that Manaan Wani was an intellectual, a doctor, a scholar, and a peaceful dialogue could prevent other like him to pick gun.”

Invoking the latest statement of governor of state, he said, “Governor had said, “We do not intend to kill militants but end militancy” but with all this grand standing my page gets blocked”

While discussing the latest statement of governor further, he invoked a couplet by Habib Jalib,

‘Zulm rahe aura aman bhi ho, Kya mumkin hai tum bhi ho’

He said, “At one end, you (State) fire at the youth and at the other expect they will move towards peace, the manner in which he (governor) himself has acknowledged that India has mishandled Kashmir, somewhere, it is important to have a thorough insight into the desires of the masses and evolve a holistic approach” adding that no other mechanism is going to work be it ‘Khelo India Khelo’ or ‘Sadbhavana.’

“All state holders have acknowledged that the issue of Kashmir needs to be resolved” said Inam ul Nabi further adding, “If India resolves this issue Indian economy will be around 3-5 trillion, adding if the money utilized by India over security expenditures can be utilized in preventing farmers from committing suicides.”

Stressing on peace, Inam ul Nabi said, “Even the ex army chief and ex DGP of J&K police have acknowledged that neither killing of militants nor security forces will resolve the Kashmir issue, only a sustainable and meaningful dialogue will.”

While expressing himself on the scope and potential of dialogue, he said, “All the issues are resolved on table, war brings death and destruction, and before it is too late, it is better we sit on table and discuss.” He focused on inclusion of Pakistan in talks and warned those who think Muscle power will resolve the issue, must know muscle power does not have mind power and in no way can it resolve the issue.



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