Security agencies pushing youth to extremes: Geelani says

Paying rich tributes to the youth killed in Kreeri Pattan, Hurriyat (G) Conference chairman, Syed Ali Geelani said that bloodbath, death, and destruction all around the valley is only because of the rulers, who very cunningly are still in denial mode.

In a statement, Geelani said that even after “massacres” on daily basis, men in uniform are not satisfied, they kill youth in broad-day-light and in the dead of night raid their house to pick them up and subject them to ruthless treatment in police stations and other interrogation centers.

Strongly condemning the police raid in Shopian and arresting more than a dozen of youth, Hurriyat Chairman said that local police and security forces feel it hard to tolerate a conscious, freedom-loving youth especially if he dares to narrate the “brutality and atrocities”.

He said that agencies push our youth to the wall where they leave no other way for them than to take an extreme step so that the occupation forces have a reason to eliminate them.

He said that suffocating the entire nation, economically handicapping them and infusing fear of life and livelihood—the security forces leave no stone unturned to throttle our innocent people especially youth so that they succumb to this tyranny and content themselves with slavery, but these cunning tactics have never worked in past nor will they work today.

People are conscious and aware of the dreaded, catastrophic and disastrous effects and can never yield to this highhandedness and arrogance.

He said that our nation has proved it beyond doubt for the last 71 years and will continue to do so in future as well till India accepts this hard reality and respects its own commitments made on national and International fora.

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