Mayor for SMC through party democratic process; Endeavour of direct flow of funds to ULBs from Center: Ravinder Raina. Possibility of government in J&K soon.

While addressing the media today in Srinagar BJP State president Ravinder Raina expressed delight and satisfaction over his parties performance in recently concluded Urban Local Body polls saying, “ We felicitated all our winning candidates here today and it is for the first time in 70 years that BJP has won with such thumping majority” adding  “nearly 106 candidates of party have won the elections and at many places including Srinagar Municipal Corporation BJP supported independent candidates have won.”

While accusing the main stream parties Ravinder Raina said, “In these trying and testing times when these parties ran away from elections, the candidates of BJP courageously fought the elections,” adding, “though Congress party fought the elections but there were many places where the party could not find candidates to  fight elections,” comparing this with his party, he said, “BJP however could find candidates at all places though many won uncontested, yet there are many places where BJP candidates have won while contesting elections.”

Stressing on development as the main stay, Ravinder Raina said that in coming days our focus will be on development and ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas.’

In a statement which can be attributed as a hint towards a possible ordinance on 74th amendment on Panchayati Raj, Raina said, “We have heard Ram Madhav sahib saying that we will try the funds from central government directly land in municipal bodies to avoid squatting over the funds by finance department eventually leading to non utilization of funds,” added, “We will ensure the funds are properly utilized with a focus on development and decentralization of power.”

BJP State President Ravinder Raina was also asked questions by reporters and when asked by one such reporter about miserable performance by BJP in Chenab Valley region, Raina replied, “If you compare the current ULB elections with past, you will see during these elections, BJP fought under its own symbol and there are many BJP supported independent candidates from this region who have won election.”

Asked by another reporter, BJP is yet to clear its stand over its mayor candidate for SMC and there are talks about Junaid Mattu being declared as Mayor candidate which is leading to rift inside party, Raina while avoiding a direct and clear reply said, “We desire good and educated people (winners) should come and serve the people,” adding that the process of selecting the Mayor will be done in a democratic manner by all the winning candidates of our party.

Ravinder Raina admitted that we are in touch with the independent candidates and working out a possibility to appoint our own chairman to those Municipal committees (bodies) with the support of these independent candidates.

In a possible reference to the government formation in state, National General Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party Ram Madhav, seems has reportedly told Ex deputy Chief Minister of State Kavinder Gupta that you ( Kavinder Gupta) will not be Ex (Past) for long. This statement expresses a probability of government formation in state sooner.

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