Panun Kashmir Movement headed by Ashwani Chrungoo reconstitutes Human Rights committee; KP Activists brand it as malarkey.

A faction of Panun Kashmir (PKM) headed by Ashwani Chrungoo is in news again considering he has once again decided to open a front against government of India at United Nations and other international human rights organizations.

In a move to raise the stakes and increase the pressure on Government of India, Panun Kashmir Movement  has reconstituted its Human Rights committee recently. The meeting organized through a Tele conference attended by activists and members of PKM from India and abroad resolved to follow up the efforts of Panun Kashmir at United Nations and UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC).

Pertinent to understand that the move to approach United Nations and its human rights organization UNHRC through this committee for the issues affecting the Kashmiri Pandit community is being termed as ‘old wine in new bottles’ and another act of finagle by community activists and thinkers.

Our reliable sources told us that the current activity of PKM is nothing but rechristening of past activity with new faces, and has connection with some UN project on Human rights. An exercise which he initiated way back and the consequent acts are nothing but the act of keeping the cauldron of vested politics burning.

Reconstituting Human Rights Committee with many eminent faces offers a lead that somewhere the pressure from the community on PKM leadership is beginning to tell, possibly leading to this latest move by PKM.

Ashwani Chrungoo is under intense flank from his own community over his activities in past. He has come under spanner owing his statement to Nyla Ali Khan, granddaughter of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. In his statement he has reportedly told Nyla Ali Khan that the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits had a hand of the then governor of state Jagmohan.

He was back in news for all wrong reasons when he declared support to the Kashmiri Pandit based Punjabi film actress Preeti Sapru who has made a controversial remark about converting Kashmir Pandits to Sikhism.

Social media is abuzz with messages claiming that a kin of Ashwani Chungoo, having recently received a plum favor through establishment and the leader himself is eyeing the membership of legislative assembly in J&K.

In another episode the leader of PKM was caught in a war of words with media persons last year on 14 September (Martyrs Day) when he entered into a heated argument with media persons outside press club, Jammu over place of protest. The whole local media fraternity resolved to boycott reporting his activities. The tussle with media grew to an extent that the major faction of Panun Kashmir under Dr Agnishekhar and Dr Ajay Chrungoo had to officially dissociate themselves from Ashwani Chrungoo led PKM fearing a outlash from media, also claimed that he was never a part of Panun Kashmir. His acts were also condoned by the duo through a video message released through social media.

Epilogue while talking to a community political analyst Dr Mahesh Kaul regarding the latest move of PKM to approach United Nations, he said, “It is a welcome move in a process to get the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits registered as a national shame in particular and the grave violation of International human rights in general. He added the success of these moves lies in the fact if they converge to deliver justice to the religiously cleansed Kashmiri pundits by bringing their persecutors to justice and retraction of Homeland demand in toto as Margdarshan Resolution 1991.”

Though Dr Mahesh Kaul did not directly mention that this move is nothing but a pure hogwash but between the lines he made a remark that these moves have been initiated by the person in question in past as well and have not converged till date.

While talking to another community thinker and front line leader of Panun Kashmir Kamal Hak, in Delhi who was more categorical and candid in branding this activity as a mere diversionary tactic said, “There have always been certain people who have pursued their own ambitions, pursuing their own agendas and trying to camouflage it by saying that we are working for the community, this seems to be one of such cases. Till now they have been silent, and when somebody is taking an initiative that they probably feel insecure and put spanners and upstage their acts.” He added that there are certain people who feel that they have monopoly over certain things. In his direct accusation Kamal Hak said, “He (Ashwani Chrungoo) is on record saying that Jagmohan was responsible for our exodus,” adding, “He has record of appropriating and manipulating things right since the day Panun Kashmir was formed.”

Though while taking a feedback from community activists and leaders we have come across multiple accusations denoting various omission and commission however, as a responsible media house we are not publishing them. The  main focus of our write up is to enlighten the masses in general and Kashmiri Pandit community in particular about events shaping up in community. We shall continue to highlight the events and issues which have the potential of impacting the displaced community at various levels.

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