Heroin worth crores seized in Jammu from an Apple truck bound for Delhi.

In a major crackdown on Narcotics smuggling, Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has made a major seizure of Heroin in Jammu.

The seizure was made from a truck carrying apples from Kashmir and was bound for Delhi. As per the information made available by NCB department on a specific tip off a truck carrying apples was intercepted on 05 November, evening at Toll plaza, Near Nagrota, Jammu.

While unloading the truck on 06 November, three wooden apple boxes were found carrying 50 packets of Heroin.

As per details shared by the department spokesperson the matter is under investigation and it needs to be determined if the heroin has arrived from ‘Golden Traingle’ or ‘Golden Crescent’ regions of South Asia. since this narcotic is not manufactured in Kashmir. The NCB official refused to divulge any further details considering it will hamper the further investigation in this seizure. Even the identity of one person who has been caught with narcotics has not been revealed by the department.

In all probability since the Heroin has been seized while it was on its way out of valley it seems in all likelihood that it has come from ‘Golden Crescent’ region into India.

The Golden Crescent is the name given to one of Asia’s two principle areas of illicit narcotic trade. Located at the cross roads of Central, South and Western Asia covering three major countries Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. The other region of illicit narcotic trade known as ‘Golden Triangle’ lies in South Asian countries Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.

This is the third biggest seizure of heroin of the current year by any agency. The biggest seizure of the year was also affected in Jammu region. The cost of present haul is slated at around Rs 50 crore in Indian market

As per our analysts, it seems that terror emanating from Pakistan has taken a deadly shift and narco-terrorism has now started emanating from Pakistan. It is more deadly form of terrorism which has the potential of damaging the society and economy at the same time.

The major concern and challenge for officials across all agencies are designer drugs.

“It is getting very difficult to trace the new designer drugs entering the Indian market. Any person who knows the chemical formulas could change the composition and manufacture these designer drugs with the same effect like cocaine, heroin or MD, at their residence or factory,” a source from NCB said.




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