‘Swami Ganeshanand ji Maharaj’ attains Nirvana; Samadhi created inside Ashram premises in Jammu

Swami Ganeshanand Ji Maharaj, a highly elevated soul attained Nirvana and Samadhi on 09 November at Jammu. Swami ji originally from Tamil Nadu had settled in Kashmir since his childhood and received spiritual guidance, knowledge of scriptures and expertise in  various traditions of worship through various spiritual masters in Kashmir.

Swami ji had learnt Sanskrit under renowned Sanskrit scholar Sh Pitambar Shastri of Rainawari during his childhood days. He received initiation under his spiritual preceptor Swami NIrmalanand ji Maharaj whom Swami ji considered his guru and worshiped throughout his life.

Swami ji had constructed a temple of Mata Tripursundari in Bagh Jogilanker, Rainawari, Srinagar and stayed in Kashmir till displacement of Kashmiri Pandit community in 1990.

Swami Ji was Shakt Siddha and served everyone with love and affection. He guided many spiritual aspirants and householders about ethics and morals of principled human life. Swami Ganeshanand Ji was an ardent devotee of Mata Tripursundari and devoted his life to spiritual upliftment and enlightenment of scores of his devotees throught-out his life. Swami Ganeshanand ji himself was a reservoir of knowledge and an expert on various Shakta traditions, especially Sree Yantra. He had a vast knowledge about all major scriptures of Sanatan Dharma and continued the practice of daily rituals without fail.

     After displacement Swami ji settled in Jammu at Tirath Nagar, Talab Tilloo where he attained Samadi on 09 November in the wee hours of morning. He had set up the ashram with active support of his devotees in Tirath Nagar, Talab Tillo, Jammu a place thronged by masses from all walks of life for guidance and support in day to day activities.

Swami Ganeshanand ji Maharaj created a trust in His lifetime under the name of his spiritual preceptor Swami Nirmalanand Saraswati ji Maharaj which is currently run by devotees of Swami ji. This trust is doing a exemplary service towards the under privileged sections of the society and is instrumental in celebrating all the religious days with great fervor.

Samadhi of Swami Ganeshanand ji Maharaj has been established inside Ashram premises today by hundreds of his devotees from across India. As soon the news of attainment of Nirvana spread His devotees began thronging the Ashram to have the last darshan.

Epilogue had the fortune of paying its obeisance and reverence to this great and noble soul on this momentous occasion and talk to various devotees of Swami ji who had come from different parts of India. We came to know through one devotee Sunil Raina that Swami Ganeshanand ji Maharaj had initiated Bandara service to the Amarnath pilgrims at Durga Nag Temple in Srinagar. Recalling his association with Swami ji, another ardent devotee Kamal Bhat who was connected with Swami Ji since his childhood days along with his family recalls that Swami Ji was not only a spiritually enlightened soul, but a great friend, philosopher and guide to everyone who visited him, always full of energy and joy.

Bhat family was connected with Swami ji from very early days and has been instrumental in taking care of Swami ji in a passionate and avid manner. Recalls Pyari Bhat ji, “Swami ji was like our family member, even though we have our house in vicinity, but this Ashram has been our home ever since Swami ji created it.” bursting in tears she further inconsolably said, “Swami ji never thought himself separate from His devotees, He considered all his devotees as His large and extended family.”

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