IkkJutt Jammu Organizes seminar ‘Shankhnaad – Maha Adhiveshan’; Not Discrimination, Ankur Sharma calls it Slavery.

Amidst the chanting of hymns and blowing of the conches, IkkJutt Jammu declared open its first Maha Adhiveshan, named Shankhnaad, in Jammu today.  The conclave was attended by 2000 strong delegates drawn from all the ten districts of the Jammu Province and was presided by the IkkJutt Jammu Chairman, Advocate Ankur Sharma.

Prominent among those who addressed the deliberations were Sarvashree KN Govindacharya, eminent political thinker, Kashmiri Hindu activist and analyst Sushil Pandit, academician and writer of eminence Madhu Kishvar, Historian and intellectual Prof. Hari Om, Jammu’s leader and MLA from Udhampur Pawan Gupta, poet, thinker and Convener Panun Kashmir , Chairman Panun Kashmir Dr. Ajay Chrungoo, and Chairman of IkkJutt Advocate Ankur Sharma.

The speakers declared their unflinching commitment to the national integrity and sovereignty of India and talked about the dangers posed by the ongoing Jihadi war in Jammu and Kashmir.  They also urged upon the Government of India to recognize the terrorist violence in the State and other acts of subversion as a Jihadi War and evolve a comprehensive multifaceted response to it keeping in mind that this war has already succeeded in the religious cleansing of Hindus from Kashmir and is fast spreading its tentacles into the provinces of Jammu and Laddakh.  The speakers also appreciated and highlighted the resolve of IkkJutt to unite the people of Jammu in order to evolve a determined and decisive people’s movement capable of forcing the government to act in a manner as is required to defeat this war.

Chairman of IkkJutt Jammu, Advocate Ankur Sharma stated unambiguously that the people in Jammu and Ladakh have been facing a state of servitude and enslavement and not what has been euphemistically described so far as discrimination. He declared that IkkJutt Jammu shall mobilize every possible resource to get rid of the servitude of the Communal Muslim State, which has been thrust upon the people in the name of secularism and by using the democratic tools. He said, “Jammu and Kashmir has to cease to be a Muslim state and all our endeavors will be dedicated to this cause.  Hindus and all non-Muslims living in Jammu and Kashmir have yet to become free; and all our lives will be henceforth dedicated to become really free in a free India. The demographic assault is the biggest challenge and IkkJutt Jammu will comprehensively defeat it.”

Prof. Hari Om while delivering the keynote address made a strong exposition on the demographic assault which has now been unleashed upon Jammu.  He stressed that the people of Jammu, who have been the front-line of India’s defense of the Northern Frontiers, would defeat the Islamo-fascist pincer and not only redeem Jammu and Kashmir but also entire India. He said that Jammu is the modern day Kurukshetra. He also highlighted the great role played by the Dogra Rulers and highlighted the need to evict the Duggar land of the Rohingyas and other illegal encroachers. He said, “The lungs and life-lines of Jammu, our forests, rivers and lands, which have been allowed to be encroached through systematic connivance of the State shall have to be cleared and redeemed. That is our immediate focus, besides awakening the entire nation of the implications of the legislative and executive Jihad being unleashed here.”

Sh. Pawan Gupta, MLA Udhampur was categorical in asserting that Jammu needs to come together to fight the ongoing Jihadisation and demographic assault. He assured his support to Ikk Jutt Jammu in their crusade for establishment of real India in Jammu and Kashmir. He stated that all discriminatory laws likie Article 35A and 370 must go, and the State be fully integrated with the nation.

Dr. Agnishekhar presented the civilizational and cultural connect of the people of Jammu with rest of India and how Jammu is an ancient Shaktipeetha and an eternal seat of Maa Durga. He invoked the motifs of Shakti that dominate the socio-ecological landscape of this place that has been referred to as Jambook in the ancient texts.  He emphasized the need to defeat the anti-civilizational forces which are hell-bent to snap this civilizational connect and are distorting Jammu’s narrative. He said, “The time has come for Jammu to realize its potential and invoke Shakti. Jammu is the fountainhead of valour and energy which needs to be now channelized for India’s resurgence and its civilization.”

Sh. Sushil Pandit highlighting the contours of the ongoing Jihad, lamented that the Indian State being  fully aware of the ongoing Jihad unleashed on Jammu, is not only ignoring it but is seen as an accomplice. He called it not a “comprehension deficit” but a “willful surrender”.  He cautioned the people of Jammu to remain vigilant against this demographic assault happening through the connivance and blatant state sponsorship. He also commended people of Jammu and the Team of IkkJutt for their unrelenting fight against all such designs. He pledged his full support in this fight. He said, “IkkJutt Jammu which has pledge to mobilize all its resources to put a halt to this demographic invasion of Jammu would never see me lacking in my efforts and support in all its endeavors.”

Prof. Madhu Purnima Kishvar came out heavily on the political establishment of India which has worn blinkers and refuses to see and acknowledge the communal Jihadi assault on the people of Jammu and Kashmir.  She exposed the role of some people in the media in collusion with a political class who create false narratives to camouflage the real nature of the Jihad being unleashed. She congratulated the Ikk Jutt Jammu for breaking these shackles and calling the problem by its real name. She offered her services to the people of Jammu and assured that she would stand by them in their fight. She demanded political reorganization of Jammu, Kashmir Ladakh into separate States, with the creation of a Homeland for displaced Hindus in the valley.

Dr. Ajay Chrungoo in his address brought to fore the subversive machinations employed ever since 1947 to create a Muslim State of Jammu and Kashmir in a secular India.  He elucidated how the special Status conferred to Jammu and Kashmir by way of Article 370 and Article 35-A were constitutional arrangements for such subversion.  He said that the non-Muslims living in the state in fact witnessed helplessly the unfolding of a compact between the State of India and the Muslim leadership of Kashmir in which they were relegated to a subject people. “Bereft of the full protection of fundamental rights as enshrined in the Constitution of India and subjected to the whims of Muslim communalism through an artificially constructed dominance of Muslim legislature in the state Assembly, Hindus and other non-Muslims have been subjected to a state of servitude and enslavement.”  He also said that the six million Hindus, Bhuddhists, Sikhs and Christians living in Jammu And Kashmir State.”


Sh.KN  Govindacharya said that he came here to learn and listen and to understand the issues; and after listening to the people and understanding the issues, he was feeling appalled.  He stated that in last ten years, the demographics and profile of Jammu has been considerably altered.  He stated that he had not anticipated that the situation has come to such a passé. He stated that it has become absolutely necessary to call the problem by its name and call a spade a spade. Obfuscation and incomprehension shall never redeem the society and the nation.  What’s happening is a civilizational assault which is aiming to destroy the collective memory of our people and impose alien ideas and ideologies on us.

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