Social media agog with transfer of Basant Rath, hopes it not be true tweets Vaid.


Each one of us in ourlife times have gone through a moment or moments where we have witnessed some injustice , big or small, and looked away because the consequences of standing up against the mighty and powerful seemed too intimidating …and thereby have ensured our vulnerability to more disappointments…and also knowingly contributed to diluting the fundamental Doctrine of Rule of law…!!!

A few months back I suggested a young man to

“…Reject the insidious pressures in society that would blunt your critical faculties to all that is happening around you , that would caution silence in the face of injustice lest you jeopardise your chances of self- advancement…”when he was heckled by IGP traffic in Jammu though the Youngman ignored my unsolicited advice and preferred negotiation through mediation to settle the differences to avoid argument and dispute. Though Negotiation doesnot have any statutory recognition but is a recognized mode of dispute resolution.

Subsequently many such incidents came into public domain involving IGP Traffic and his unorthodox style of functioning . Few complaints were lodged as well, but the concerned authorities instead of taking cognizance mediated to resolve the issue through amicable means and at times officer tendered an apology as well. While his functioning was criticized but not his honesty and probity.

Unfortunately Honesty,(honesty I’m referring to here is the kind that really matters. Don’t confuse it with the socially polite custom of excuse-making to turn down an insignificant invitation.)occupies a thin line between arrogance and timidity. Arrogance is overbearing pride that attempts to juxtapose others as inferior to yourself. Although this quality is considered honorable among Klingons, it tends to annoy human beings.

Timidity, in the sense I’m using it here, is a overly submissive modesty.

While genuine modesty and humility are typically seen as admirable qualities, when taken to the extreme, they have just as much potential to inhibit intelligent socialization as arrogance.

In an ugly turn of events  Inspector General of Police (IGP), Traffic Basant Rath and the newly-elected mayor of Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) Junaid Mattu were locked in war of words.

The issue started between the duo over the remarks of newly elected Mayor of Srinagar Municipal Corporation regarding conversion of wet lands in Srinagar into commercial places. Junaid Azim Mattu while addressing to the questions of reporters in press conference said, “We have to create growth and jobs in the private sector,” adding, “What do we intend to do in wetlands, watch birds?” Further adding, “We are a poor state and we have to create employment, avenues and opportunities, Yes, we will strike a balance between development and ecology, but striking a balance doesn’t mean we have to tie a chastity belt around our city.”

Thus giving a clear signal that SMC will look into zoning laws for creating commercial spaces, however, this statement came under hammer from a vast majority of locals and outsiders considering the wetlands of the Kashmir Valley are rapidly shrinking due to the massive siltation and encroachment.

Inspector General of Police (IGP), Traffic Basant Rath, on twitter on 08 November expressed himself saying, “ Wetlands are precious and a vital part of our ecosystem. Only a cabbage will think otherwise.”

Junaid Mattu in while immediately retorting back through the same medium said, “That is fine. He is unwell. Don’t worry.”

Interestingly, IGP Traffic Basant Rath posted his tweet in morning hours of 08 November  and on the same day at 11.30 pm in night, Mayor Junaid Mattu takes the issue further seemingly trying to settle scores raised a finger of accusation on traffic department claiming, ”I have received numerous complaints about traffic mismanagement issues in the city. I have spoken to the SP Traffic (Urban) and sought a review of current traffic diversions and plans. The SMC has been directed to help with decongestion of alternate routes for some relief,”

On 09 November IGP Traffic Basant Rath replied by hitting ‘under the belt’ tweet saying, “Not your domain. Traffic diversion at Jehangir Chowk is a compulsion. The vendors have created a mess on Amira Kadal – HSHS – Maharaja Bazar – LD Hospital stretch. SMC needs to clear the mess,” and added in another tweet directed to other tweet handle, who wrote to him that he had to follow orders, “No. I don’t. His mandate is limited. Pretty limited. Traffic doesn’t come under his domain.”

It won’t be out of place to mention here Junaid Mattu is an alumnus of Michigan State University ‘foreign educated’ …

And on 12 Nov S.P.VAID Former D.G. JKP tweets ‘Social media agog with rumours of transfer of Basant Rath IGP Traffic; I hope it isn’t true. He may follow unorthodox ways ,but his honesty and dynamism is appreciable and commendable.’

According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) the state tops the list of “high accidental death-prone areas”. Some surveys have put the number of dead, in road accidents, at 1000 people every year across the state.

The state has witnessed 4,783 deaths due to road accidents in the last five years, says figures available with both the union ministries and traffic department. Most of the road accidents as per NCRB have taken place in the twin capitals of the state .

The state has around 14 lakh registered vehicles which ply on roads and the numbers are increasing with every passing day,Roads being narrow and apathetic attitude of Police (Traffic)Traffic Jams have become a routine rather than exception.

Understandably Traffic  and  Licensing authorities should adopt

  1. stricter, more comprehensive and scientifically based tests laying a more stress on road rules, regulations and traffic control devices.
  2. Strict implementation of traffic rules and regulations with monitoring of road users to ensure and enforce safe driving.
  3. Education programmes in the community to change attitudes positively, stop reck less driving, obey traffic rules and use of protecttive devices like helmets and seat belts.
  4. Roads should be properly planned and maintained. As far as pedestrians and slow moving vehicles are concerned, complete segregation from the highway should be carried out.

But the Policing of Diversity and the challenge of corruption and misconduct have caused a huge loss of public confidence. Police needs to move from a philosophy of Justification by results i.e. ends justify the means to justification by a balance of compliance and appropriate outcome.



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  1. Vijay Kashkari

    Wetlands or trees in the city are lungs to keep the city pollution free. We have to protect the wetlands. Alternative alignments needs to be fond if ecology of the city is to be saved.
    IGP Rather has to understand that if he wants to clean traffic glitches of the city, he as a responsible citizen and competent officer has to think on all the aspects of city management.
    The new Mayor also has to give priority to clean city rather keeping shopkeepers happy for their selfish motives.

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