Is Government formation round the corner in state of J&K?

As per information through reliable sources with Epilogue News Network, the process of government formation in the state of Jammu and Kashmir has gained considerable but  veiled momentum after Durbar move.

Epilogue News Network (ENN) spoke to Ashok Koul , State Gen. Secretary (Org.) Bjp who claimed BJP will form the government when it has numbers, but we are not approaching to muster numbers. He added that we will consider any proposal weighing all options as and when anyone approaches us with formal proposal. Ram Madhav, National General Secretary too has denied any immediate government formation in state of J&K said, “Ever since Governor’s rule has been imposed in J&K there has been development in all sectors. Even the public is happy. So, the party has decided that the governors rue should continue for sometime”

However, we have reliable information that hectic activity has again started for government formation considering the tenure of six months of Governors rule is nearing its end in January. Governor has to dissolve the Legislative Assembly after the tenure of six months are over and the state will directly come under President rule for following six months during which elections have to be declared in state. In case the elections are not declared, President Rule will be can be extended by another six months.

Important to know that no Presidential proclamation shall in any case remain in force for more than three years except for the intervention of Election Commission of India, the Election Commission certifies that the continuance in force of the Proclamation approved under during the period specified in such resolution is necessary on account of difficulties in holding general elections to the Legislative Assembly of the State concerned

Though the talks of government formation after BJP pulled support to PDP led by Mehbooba Mufti were present in social media and some BJP leaders did offer a hint initially, however it seems that the efforts did not bear fruits of any kind then.

Efforts were on to use the support of Sajad Lone’s J&K Peoples Conference which has two MLA’s in current legislature. Sajad Lone who holds the key to any new government formation with BJP supposedly has the support of 16 PDP legislators through his close friend Ansari. Initially four PDP legislators — Abid Ansari, Abbas Wani, Yasir Reshi and Javid Baigh had openly supported Ansari, who disapproved of Mehbooba’s leadership. However, three legislators seem to have joined Mehbooba camp back after hectic parlays by other PDP legislators.

Noteworthy if the state of Jammu and Kashmir comes under President Rule, President in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution of India may by Proclamation assume to himself all or any of the functions of the Government of the State and all or any of the powers vested in or exercisable by the Governor or any body or authority in the State other than the Legislature of the State.

President through a proclamation may declare that the powers of the Legislature of the State shall be exercisable by or under the authority of Parliament.

In light of these constitutional provisions and laws, BJP would earnestly wish a government formation in state else the onus of many conflicting issues which includes Article 35A, Article 370, 74 th amendment would land upon the shoulders of BJP considering BJP led NDA is the present ruling dispensation in India.

Main stream political parties like NC and PDP understanding these permutations and combinations would always desire to put BJP in dock and create a Catch-22 situation for the party, knowing well that parliamentary elections in India are slated in next year.

Though BJP is denying any proactive role in government formation in state, yet understanding the dices of a President rule are loaded against the future prospects, will always be more than eager to form a government in state before the Governor rule ends.

Understanding the whole picture political dynamics with constitutional provisions we believe next one month will be very crucial and important.

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