Sri Lankan Parliament to take up fresh no-confidence motion against new govt of Mahinda Rajapaksa

Sri Lankan Parliament will take up fresh No-Confidence Motion against new government of Mahinda Rajapaksa amidst some understanding reached between President and Parliament speaker to diffuse the crisis.

The motion will be taken up during session this afternoon after last two days of proceedings were lost in the commotion on the issue. President Maithripala Sirisena told opposition leaders and Speaker during a meeting last evening that he is not opposed to moving a motion against the Rajapaksa government.

A former minister said the President also promised not to prorogue Parliament again but insisted that the motion is worded in proper way and the set procedure is followed. He pointed out that remarks disputing the constitutional status of the Prime Minister and his cabinet ministers sworn-in by him have to be d.

A government minister said that if proper procedure is followed, it will take about two weeks to complete the entire process. He said government is ready to accept the result of the vote on the motion but it wants to ensure that it is done as per the set procedure.

Asked whether ousted Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe will be appointed again, the minister said that the new appointee need not be Wickremesinghe.

There is a call within United National Party (UNP) led by Mr Wickremsinghe to replace him by someone else but nothing has been finalized.

Sri Lanka has been facing political crisis since President Maithripala Sirisena appointed Mahinda Rajapaksa as new Prime minister replacing Mr.Ranil Wickremsinghe last month. He followed it with prorogation of Parliament and finally with dissolution.

However, supreme court stayed the dissolution making way for parliament to be convened.

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