President Kovind says Constitution empowers the citizen, but the citizen too empowers the Constitution by following it

President Ram Nath Kovind has said that the duty of safeguarding and strengthening the Constitution is a shared enterprise among the judiciary, the executive and the legislature, in partnership with the people of India. He was addressing Constitution Day event in New Delhi today.

Mr Kovind said, the Constitution empowers the citizen, but the citizentoo empowers the Constitution by following it, adhering to it, protecting it, and by persevering to make it more meaningful with words and deeds. He said, the Constitution is the modern ure of independent India and for Indians, it is an inspirational and living document.

Hesaid, Dr Ambedkar and his colleagues in the Constituent Assembly were remarkably large-hearted and generous in their approach as they allowed for flexibility in amending the Constitution and were accommodative of various streams of thought. Mr Kovind said, they trusted future generations to not just amend the Constitution, but to constructively re-imagine and reinterpret it.

In his address, Chief Justice of India Justice Ranjan Gogoi said,  the Indian constitutionisvoice of marginalised and prudence of majority and its wisdom continues to guide in the moments of crisis. He said, it is a matter of pride that the constitution has lived with great vigour in the last 7 decades.

Addressing the gathering,   Law and Justice  Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, ordinary Indian’s inherent trust in Indian democratic process, regardless of his religion, caste, community, economic status or literacy is the most defining moment of India’s constitutional governance. Raising the issue of Constitutional morality, Mr Prasad said, it should be defined with clarity and should not differ from judge to judge.

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