J&K Girl brings laurels to state. Bags 1st position in All India debate competition.

Syesha Ganju, a 7th grade student of G D Goeanka Public School has be declared as overall best speaker(1st Position) amongst thousands of participants and scores of rounds all across the country in Maha Behes National debate competition held at Delhi on Sunday, 16 December. Syesha Ganju is the younger daughter of illustrious parents Adv. Titu Ganju and Adv. Monika Kohli.

Leading the society into reestablishing. and re initiate the culture of debate and logic into society, a nonprofit organization “Behes” is working to promote debate, public speaking and reasoned expression which we can term as ‘Logic” among students of schools and colleges across country. Students are engaged to express themselves and debate some engaging and relevant topics.
‘Behes’ follows a free-flowing format in which three speakers make up a team and every speaker gets a maximum of four minutes to speak. There are no interjections, points of information or rebuttals allowed outside the allocated four minutes. The preparation time allowed before every debate is 15 minutes. The debaters are allowed to access the internet or refer to any other sources in this time.Every Behes round is held in a knock-out format, with a certain number of top teams at every tournament qualifying for the season finals (Maha Behes) , which are held every New Year’s! There are two age divisions: Cubs (9-13) years and Lions (14 Years and above).

The ‘Maha Behes’ is the culmination of a Behes season, where budding debaters from all over India participated. The Maha Behes 2018 saw over 700 debaters from 14 cities converge at one venue to battle it out for a shot at the coveted national title – a shot at being Maha Behes champions 2018!

Debate and logic have formed an integral system of human race impacting human mind over hundreds of centuries consequently leading the human race to advancement and progress in all spheres of existence and being. Debating with logic and reason has casted the bed rock of Indian Civilization clubbed with Greek thoughts hand in hand leading human race to glory and perfection. 

While talking about scope and magnitude of Logic we need to know the concept of logic is as old as Rig Vedic times which contain ontological speculation in terms of various logical divisions that were later recast formally as the four circles of catuskoti “A”, “not A”, “A and ‘not A'”, and “not A and not not A.”

Nasadiya Sukta of Rig Veda claims, “”Who really knows? Who will here -proclaim it? Whence was it produced? Whence is this creation? The gods came afterwards, with the creation of this universe. Who then knows whence it has arisen?” It is this saying in Rig Veda which leaves the scope of debate open and binds logic to human existence.

Ironically, in contemporary times the culture of debate and logic has taken a back seat and learning has been reduced to mere cramming of available source. In absence of debate and logic human mind is becoming more and more sluggish and inert. We are turning into machines processed for definite tasks leading us further away from investing our mental faculty to discern. In absence of discernment and discrimination human mind is bound to slide down from the sphere of excellence from where the genetics will lead human race into further decay.

In light of this sordid state of human existence in contemporary times it becomes pertinent that efforts are made to inculcate the culture back in society for enlightenment and growth of human mind eventually leading humans scale the graph of advancement and progress along holistic lines.

It is here in the light of this necessity that efforts of ‘Behes’ need to be applauded and further strengthened to transform the contemporary machine society into a truly vibrant and dynamic one.

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