PM disapproves of attacks on Kashmiris


Breaking his silence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday disapproved of the incidents of attacks on Kashmiris in some parts of the country after the Pulwama attack, saying the fight is against terrorism and “not against Kashmiris”, who too are victims of the scourge. He said even a single incident of attack on “Kashmiri children” elsewhere in the country strengthens the elements which propagate ‘bharat tere tukde honge’ (India, you will be torn into pieces).Addressing a rally here, Modi also said that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, after assuming office, had promised, as a “pathan’s son”, to work for peace with India and that “it is time to see whether he lives up to his word”.The Prime Minister spoke about the Pulwama terror attack and said the Army has been given a free hand and because of that there is “panic” in Pakistan.At the same time, he referred to the incidents of attacks on Kashmiris in some parts of the country, saying, “Over the last few days, whatever happened wherever, whether it was a small or a big incident, what happened with Kashmiri children, nothing of that sort should happen.”Underlining that “Kashmiri children are themselves troubled by terrorism,” he said, “Our fight is against terrorism and against enemies of humanity, not against Kashmiris… Our fight is for Kashmir, not against Kashmir, not against the Kashmiris.”Giving an assurance to the people of Kashmir, the Prime Minister said, “I appeal to nation, our fight is against terrorism and enemies of humanity only… Even if there is a single incident (of attack on Kashmiris), it strengthens those propagating ‘bharat tere tukde honge’. I am sure none of my countrymen will support such elements.”Modi said in the fight against terrorism, not only the security personnel get killed, but even the common Kashmiris shed their blood for the nation.He referred to the terror attack on Amarnath pilgrims in Kashmir in 2017 and said the injured were well taken care of the local Kashmiris.“Kashmiri Muslims queued up to give blood for the injured pilgrims to save their lives,” he said.He said the problem of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir is limited to “three districts because of the patronage of some separatists”.

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