This is new India, will return damage done by terrorists with interest: PM Modi






Asserting that the influence of terrorists and terrorism has been curtailed and will be curtailed, even more, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said: “this is a new India and this India will return the damage done with interest”.

Addressing a public rally here, Prime Minister Modi accused the past government of being soft on terrorism and outlined the action taken by armed forces after the Pulwama and Uri attacks to substantiate his claim.

“From 2004 to 2014 there were several terror attacks, there were blasts in Hyderabad, Jaipur, Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru and, other places. It was expected that those responsible for this attack will be punished but nothing happened. 26/11 happened in India but nothing happened. But when Uri happened, you saw what our brave soldiers did; Pulwama happened and you saw what our brave warriors did. The vigilance of those serving the nation keeps our nation secure,” he said.

The Prime Minister also stated that the events of the past few days have demonstrated, yet again, the strength of India’s armed forces and questioned the opposition for raising suspicion over the same.

“Sadly, a few political parties guided by Modi hatred have started hating India. No wonder while the entire nation supports Armed forces, they suspect our armed forces. These are the same people whose statement are helping Pakistan and hurting India. Their statements are being happily quoted in the Parliament of Pakistan and in the radio of Pakistan.”

“They should clarify that they believe our armed forces or those who support those who support terrorism on our soil. I want to tell these parties that Modi will come and go but India will remain. We are Indian first and Indians only, your politics can wait, it is the safety of the nation that is at stake,” he added.

The Prime Minister began his address by acknowledging the Tamil Nadu connect of Indian pilot being released from Pakistan custody today and said that every Indian is proud that Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman belongs to Tamil Nadu.

Talking further of the defence and security segment, he said, “We made One Rank One Pension a reality, those who ruled the nation for so many years didn’t even think of OROP properly. India has been facing the menace of terrorism for years but there is a big difference now. India will no longer be helpless in the wake of terror.”

He also took a corruption jibe on the past government and alleged that for many years, Congress promoted an economic culture that ‘benefited openly the friends and families of big dynasties’.

“Some people say corruption is a way of life, this would be acceptable to them but not to me. The corrupt now have to now pay for their misdeeds. The famous recounting minister who took pride in treating people badly, insulting middle class now had to apply for bail just like his party’s first family,” he added.

The Prime also said that the India of the 21st century has to work with speed and scale, which is what the NDA government is doing.

He also talked about the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi which was launched last Sunday, providing farmers with up to 5-acre land, monetary support of Rs 6000 in three installments. “Over 1.1 crore farmers have already got their first instalment in their bank account. A scheme announced on February 1, it became the reality in the same month. We worked 24 hours to ensure the scheme is implemented in 24 days,” he added.

Continuing his tirade against Congress, Prime Minister Modi remarked, “After doing nothing for farmers, they will come at the end and will say that they will waive-off your loan. In reality, Congress loan waiver benefits only a few farmers, whereas NDA in government’s Kisan Samman scheme, benefits will be given every year.”

“In 2014, it was after 30 years that a party got a majority in parliament.  People wanted honesty, not a dynasty, people wanted development not decay, people wanted progress, not policy paralysis, people wanted opportunities, not obstacles, people wanted security, not stagnation, people wanted inclusive growth, not vote bank politics,” he said.

He also outlined the creation of a fisheries department by the NDA government and talked of similar development initiatives concerning local populace.

“The government of India is more sensitive towards safety and well-being of fisherman due to sustained diplomatic efforts more than 1900 fishermen’s have been released by Sri Lankan authorities. More ports are being created, the capacity and efficiency of existing ports is being improved”, he said.

In Tamil Nadu, the Prime Minister laid the foundation stone for several development projects related to roads, railways and, highways.

He flagged off Madurai–Chennai Tejas Express through video-conferencing and laid the foundation stones for the restoration of Rail Connectivity between Rameswaram and Dhanushkodi (17.20km) at a cost of Rs 208 crore and also for construction of a new bridge at Pamban Viaduct (2.05 Km) at a cost of Rs 250 crore.

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