In pursuit of efforts to crush the terror and separatist network in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Central Government today declared Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front led by Yasin Malik as an unlawful association under the provisions of Section 3(1) of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967.

While addressing the press today in New Delhi, Union Home Secretary Rajiv Gauba said, “Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front led by Md. Yasin Malik has spearheaded the separatist ideology in the valley and has been at the fore-front of separatist activities and violence since 1988.

Claiming that the exodus and Genocide of minority Hindu community was spearheaded by JKLF in 1989-90, Union Home secretary said, “Murders of Kashmiri Pandits by JKLF in 1989 triggered their exodus from the valley. Md. Yasin Malik was the mastermind behind the purging of Kashmiri Pandits from the Kashmir valley and was responsible for their GENOCIDE.”

He further added, “JKLF has many serious cases registered against it. This organization is responsible for murder of 4 Indian Air Force personnel and kidnapping of Dr. Rubaiya Sayeed (daughter of the then Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in Shri V. P. Singh’s Government). This organization, alongside, is also responsible for illegal funneling of funds for fomenting terrorism. JKLF is actively involved in raising of funds and its distribution to Hurriyat cadres and stone-pelters to fuel unrest in the Kashmir valley as well as for subversive activities.”

In the detailed press brief, Union secretary further expressed the charges under which JKLF (Yasin) has been banned which includes,

  1. Serious threat to the security of the country and are prejudicial to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of India.
  2. Actively and continuously encouraging, feelings of enmity and hatred against the lawfully established Government and has been indulging in armed rebellion.
  3. 37 FIRs have been registered by J&K Police against JKLF. Two cases including the case of murder of IAF personnel were registered by CBI.  NIA has also registered a case, which is under investigation. It is evident from these that JKLF continues to be actively engaged in supporting and inciting secessionism and terrorism including terror financing.


Interacting with Epilogue News over phone, Delhi based social media activist and a Kashmiri Pandit Pawan Durrani said, “It is a matter of satisfaction that Government of India has acknowledged ‘Genocide’ of the KP community by armed rebels aided and abetted by Pakistan which includes JKLF and various other terrorist organizations” adding that this acknowledgment though a welcome step must be followed up by the internationally accepted conventions and first and foremost is awarding the Punishment of the Crime of Genocide which will instill a a sense of justice in the community affected gravely by ethnic cleansing and  Genocide.”

Sushil Pandit, a renowned Kashmiri Pandit activist and leader said, “India’s foreign secretary recently in a statement while describing terror and its network used the words ‘Jehad’ and ‘Jehadists’ it was the first time government of India gave it religious connotations, because Jehad cannot be raised by people of any other religion,” adding that secular system of our country previously refrained from using the terminology to save their secular credentials, but this time, they did not.

Further adding, “Now It is for the first time, our Genocide has been acknowledged by another wing of the government (Home) and this raises some hope, my only fear down the line if it genuinely goes further and delivers justice to the survivors of the Genocide.” Replying to a question over return and rehabilitation, Sushil Pandit said, “they (GOI) have been singing about return and rehabilitation for last 30 years without acknowledging what happened to us and without doing anything to those who did it to us, as if we were victims of natural disaster, playing down Genocide itself denying it.” Adding, “now that they have acknowledged Genocide, they must work towards justice to the survivors.” And lastly, It is the “Reversal of Genocide” which must be worked upon by the government by setting up tribunals to address the justice to Genocide victims.”

Analysts consider banning of JKLF as a very bold and effective move to crack down on terror network in state which eventually will impact both separatists and terrorists in having a free run to unleash their propaganda and terrorist activities. Considering Yasin Malik is an important constituent of Joint Resistance League, this move will impact the general activities of JRL . Our sources in government claim banning Hurriyat also seems to be on cards considering this amalgam organization has been responsible for fanning the separatist sentiments of masses and driving them towards militancy in state.






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