Vijender Gupta takes on Delhi govt for ‘obstructing Metro Phase-IV work’










BJP leader Vijender Gupta on Tuesday claimed that the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government has once again obstructed Metro Phase-IV “out of sheer political ill-will to defame the Centre.”

In a statement, Gupta said that the state government has put roadblock due to a supposed increase of Rs 1850 crore in a project with an estimated cost of Rs 24,948 crore.

“It has conveniently ignored that the Centre has already directed Delhi Metro to bring in 10-15 per cent reduction in the cost through optimization of resources. The fact remains that the Kejriwal government is putting roadblocks in every central scheme. The glaring example of such undue non-cooperation are Ayushman Bharat and Delhi-Meerut Regional Rapid Transit System. Delhiites are paying a heavy price due to Kejriwal government’s step-motherly attitude when it comes to central schemes,” Gupa alleged.

Gupta said it is unfortunate that the Delhi government has got the Metro work stopped on “flimsy grounds.”

“The cost-sharing dispute should not have obstructed the Metro work. It should have better been discussed and sorted out between the officials of the Delhi government and central government. But obstruction in work is unpardonable. The project has already been considerably delayed,” the statement added.Gupta further stated that Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot is misleading by saying that the cost to Delhi government has increased from rs 5994.05 crore to Rs 7844.70 crore.

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