Don’t ignore Genocide of Kashmiri Pandits warns Moti Kaul, Chairman (PSC), GKPD

Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora (GKPD) announced the formation of a unified Political Steering Committee (PSC) to be chaired by Mr. Moti Kaul. Other eminent members in the team include Padmashree Dr K.N.Pandita, Pt Vijay Bakaya, Pt K.K.Khosa, M.L.C.Pt Surinder Ambardar and Pt ShibanKhaibri from Jammu and Kashmir.

Pt Ashok Bhan, Col Tej Tikoo, Pt Kamal Hak, Prof Renuka Dhar, Pt Sidarth Zarabi, Pt. Parikshit Kaul, Pt Dilip Kachroo…. Bengaluru. Dr. Vijay Sazawal…USA, Pt Soman Dhar….USA, Pt Ashok Kaul….Canada, Ms.Krishna Bhan…UK and Pt Veer Khar…….New Zealand from overseas.

Dr. Surinder Kaul, GKPD founder member, stated, ‘The Political Steering Committee (PSC) was a logical outcome of the successful GKPD conclave. The alarming, current political discourse has made the PSC an imperative.’ He further stated that PSC shall raise awareness within the Indian public, media, decision makers on Kashmiri Pandits Genocide and Secure & Sustainable Resettlement in the Valley.

Chairperson Moti Kaul stated, ‘I am overwhelmed by the quality of the volunteers for membership of the committee. They are icons who have served the community over the course of a lifetime in leadership positions. Drawn from the entire spectrum of the KP diaspora they are a testimony to the seriousness that the community attaches to this initiative.’

Moti Kaul further stated, ‘For the past 30 years the governance stakeholders have failed abjectly to address the community’s demands for justice. NC’s recent call for pre-1953 constitutional status has already been declared by the interlocutor’s commission as leading to a dangerous constitutional vacuum. At the same time, Congress Party manifesto is a defacto abdication to the genocidaires in Kashmir. What Kashmir needs is strong, clean governance founded on the rule of law and order and based on the tenets of the Constitution.’

Detailing about the further course of action, Moti Kaul stated ‘I will kick off a nationwide tour and interact with the community members, media, political representatives from all parties and other stakeholders. This mobilization of support is designed to create a mass movement against the cover-up of KP genocide and the denial of their basic rights under international and domestic law.’


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