PM Modi’s foreign policy behind Pak’s isolation at OIC: Sushma Swaraj





External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Monday said that India’s dominance and prestige has increased across the world under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Hitting out at the Opposition for questioning Prime Minister Modi’s foreign visits, Swaraj said the BJP-led government’s foreign policy is the reason behind the isolation of Pakistan at Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Abu Dhabi.

“India’s dominance and prestige in the world has increased under the leadership of Modi ji in a way like never before. It was said before 2014 that the Arab world will not be visible anywhere under foreign policy of Modi ji,” she said while speaking at the BJP’s manifesto release event.

“India was invited as a chief guest by Saudi Arab in Jenadriyah festival. Biggest of all is OIC invite. This is only Islamic countries organization. We have isolated them (Pakistan) among their own friends,” she added.

Swaraj was invited as a ‘Guest of Honour’ to attend the meeting of OIC in Abu Dhabi on March 1, where she addressed the plenary session of the conference.

Swaraj emphasised how the foreign policy of BJP-led Central government brought major changes and India participated in the conference even Pakistan, which is its founder member, protest against this and asked organisers to cancel India’s invitation.

“1979 OCI was formed. In the first conference of Morocco, India was invited. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, the then Foreign minister went there to participate. Pakistan protested against India’s representation and the organisers agreed that Indian will not be allowed to participate. India had to return from there after the insult,” she said. “After 50 years, Pakistan protested against India’s participation again and threatened that they will not come even though they are its founder member. This is an indication of Modi ji’s diplomatic success that the UAE told them that if you do not want to come, don’t come. But we will not cancel India’s invitation. You all have seen Pakistan’s chair was empty. This is the achievement of Modi ji’s foreign visits,” the External Affairs Minister said.

Swaraj further highlighted that the Prime Minister got five highest awards from Saudi Arab, Palestine, UAE, South Korea, and an award by a United Nations body for his work in climate change.

Differentiating BJP’s manifesto with those of other parties, Swaraj said: “People should understand the difference between the title of our manifesto with that of others.”

“BJP is the only party which came up with ‘Sankalp Patra’ (resolution document), while others released their manifesto. We are committed to fulfilling these resolutions,” she said.

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