Trifurcate J&K, Talk with Kashmiri Pandits for a lasting solution of Kashmir : IkkJutt

Ikkjutt Jammu, which has been spearheading the movement against Article 35A and Article 370 since last July, described these Articles as “the two most dangerous tools in the hands of Fundamentalist Islamists in Kashmir for perpetuating Jihad in India”. Ankur Sharma, Chairman IkkJutt Jammu while addressing the Press Conference stressed that if these articles are not abrogated immediately, then that could create a Kashmir-like situation in Jammu Province and Trans-Himalayan Ladakh also.”

“Ikkjutt Jammu stands vindicated”, said Ankur Sharma by explaining that now even P.M Sh. Narendra Modi, Home Minister Sh. Rajnath Singh, Finance Minister Sh. Arun Jaitley and BJP National President Sh. Amit Shah are also saying the same and acknowledging that Article 35A and Article 370 have not only harmed the people of the state but has also hurt the nation. All these Constitutional Authorities post Pulwama attack on number of occasions have publicly declared that these Articles have only promoted Separatism in the state and helped the Islamist forces as represented by the Abdullah and the Mufti dynasties and the Congress consolidate their position to adversely affect the National Interest.

Ankur Sharma while reflecting on the nature of the ongoing election campaign across the nation said that the commitments made by the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi at Akhnoor on March 28 and at Kathua on April 14 that he is committed to eradicating the pernicious concept of two Flags, two Constitutions and that he is committed to tread the path charted by Sh. B.R Ambedkar, Sh. Syama Prasad Mookerjee and Sher-e-Duggar Pt Sh. Prem Nath Dogra have further vindicated the stand of Ikkjutt Jammu that if India was to survive as one nation and people of Jammu and Ladakh provinces were to be saved from the Islamists’ onslaught, Articles 35A and Article 370 have to go lock, stock and barrel.

“It is a matter of great satisfaction that Jammu & Kashmir, Article 35A, Article 370, Kashmir Jihad, Expulsion of Hindus from Kashmir in 1990, Subversion of Democratic Processes in the state and Neglect of Jammu and Ladakh have become the major poll planks in the election campaign. With none other than PM Narendra Modi himself raking up these issues of national import and seeking people’s mandate holding out a solemn commitment that he will not allow two Flags, two Constitutions in Jammu & Kashmir and that no power on earth can separate the state from India, Ikkjutt Jammu chairman Ankur Sharma heartily welcomed the change in the PM’s J&K policy.

At the same time, Ankur Sharma said that Ikkjutt Jammu would appreciate the PM all the more the day he scraps Article 35A and Article 370 thereby dismantling the Non Secular, Theocratic Islamic State of J&K; Granting full citizenship to more than two lakh Hindu-Sikh Refugees from Pakistan living in Jammu since 1947 (West Pakistani Refugees); Minority Rights in J&K to minority Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains and Christians by implementing judgment dated 12.03.2018 passed by Supreme Court in PIL titled Ankur Sharma V. Union of India and Ors; and evolve and implement a policy calculated to end and reverse the over 20-year-old State Sponsored Demographic Invasion on Jammu province in general and Jammu, Samba and Kathua districts in particular.

“Jammu province is in danger. Concerted moves have been afoot since 1996 to change its demography by looting the state, the forest, the JDA, the Municipal and the Panchayat lands in and around Jammu city. The demographic profile of Jammu has drastically changed and this process has to be reversed,” Ankur Sharma further said, adding that “Fundamentalist Islamists from Kashmir and elements in the establishment were behind this ongoing Demographic Invasion on Jammu”.

Ankur Sharma further said that the time to restructure the state has come. It would be only in the fitness of the things if Jammu Province is declared a full-fledged State and Kashmir and Ladakh declared Union Territories, adding that it has also become imperative for New Delhi to start parleys with the religiously cleansed and Internally-Displaced Kashmiri Hindus to know what could satisfy them and meet their legitimate aspirations.

Ankur Sharma also strongly condemned the killing of Chanderkant Sharma and his PSO Rajinder in Kishtwar and lamented the less than serious approach of the Government in investigating the Kishtwar Parihar Brothers’ killing.

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