‘Varuna’ day 3: Multi-helicopter operations with cross deck landings undertaken by Indian, French navies






The level of operations intensified on the final day of Varuna Sea Phase exercise between navies of France and India with multi-helicopter operations with cross deck landings.

Moreover, VBSS teams conducted towing exercise between the FN and IN ships while the fighters operating from the carriers were busy in a high-intensity combat exercise including firing on Pigeon Island off Goa.

In addition, Coordinated Anti-submarine exercise involving the ASW MR aircraft P8i, Seaking and Lynx helicopters in close support of IN ships Mumbai, Chennai and French ship Latouche Treville were also conducted during the night.

‘Varuna’ is the largest ever joint exercise undertaken by the navies of the two countries yet, and represents the climax of the strengthened maritime co-operation between India and France.

The first phase of the Indo-French joint exercise began off Goa’s coast on May 1 and is scheduled to culminate on May 10. The second phase, on the other hand, is slated to be held in May-end near Djibouti.

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