No reconciliation between victims of genocide and perpetrators of genocide says KP Leadership

Amidst talks of repatriation ringing in air purposely connected and timed with the annual congregation at Mata Kheer Bhawani , Tulmalla many Kashmiri Pandit organizations and individuals have come out in open denouncing such acts. Noteworthy such attempts have been initiated in past but due to lack of community interest owing to certain stark realities the attempts have miserably failed to see the light of day.

Talking to Epilogue, Dr Agnishekhar and Dr Ajay Chrungoo of Panun Kashmir said, “Forced extirpation of Hindus of Kashmir is an act of genocide and not a simple migration. It has been a religious cleansing in which major sections of local political class, civil society and Jihadist entrepreneurs acted in concert. The same elements continue to oppose measures which could end state of genocide imposed on Kashmiri Hindus. There can be no reconciliation between victims of genocide and perpetrators of genocide. Any attempt at creating parity between victims and perpetrators of genocide has a hidden agenda to reinforce and deny genocide. Those individuals who for their own vested interests are floating dubious proposals of reconciliation have at their core objectives to promote the ideological and political goals of Jihadi separatism in Kashmir. We denounce all attempts which seek to deny genocide of Hindus of Kashmir with an aim to bail out the jihadist perpetrators of genocide. We all know it very well that victim collaborators damage the cause of victims. At a time when the present government at the centre has initiated measures to destroy Jihadist movement and its political and ideological dimensions, slogans of so-called reconciliation have a sinister agenda to promote subversive goals. We ask our community members to be on alert.”

Another community stalwart and a renowned political analyst Dr K L Choudhary said, “Ever since the very day of exile there have been attempts of reconciliation and I have been part of such processes in past, however such process has borne nothing except people coming in debating and exchanging niceties. The vicious circle continues considering most of them are conducted by certain vested interests. There are bigger forces at play who donot allow it, moreover the common masses of Kashmir have Islamized completely and not only that, the Jehadi spirit has entered the society. The exclusive spirit that Islam being dominant and Kashmir being a sort of Islamic state having special privileges in Indian state is not easy to give up. Since they are not going to leave that and give equal status to KPs and KPs cannot be there with normal rights and privileges which normal citizens should have. Addressing the community, Dr Choudhary said, “Community should be cautious of all these elements and know who these people are who initiate such process, adding, “I know the conflicts in the world need to be solved through dialogue but such dialogues must be held at parity and by genuine people.”

Sh Ravinder Pandita, head and founder of Save Sharda Committee while flagging off the annual Yatra to Tulmulla in New Delhi said, “The Kheer Bhawani mela is an old age tradition and Kashmiri pandits living in exile have despite difficulties managed to stage the yatra every year.” Talking to Epilogue he too refuted and denounced the idea of connecting the Yatra with any sort of reconciliation process saying, “ I am not privy to any reconciliation activity planned through the yatra I have flagged off, but if there is any truth connected to it, I dissociate myself from any such reconciliation activity. Yatra is a spiritual exercise and must confine to its core values.”

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