Replace the poppy cultivation with non narcotic alternatives: Inam Un Nabi Suggests Government






In its initiative to eradicate drug menace from the society, “We the Helping Hands Foundation”, organised a drug awareness programme at Higher Secondary School, Pahalgam in which a large number of students and teachers participated. The focus of the programme was to provide insight to the students about the seriousness of drug addiction. Renowned social activist and National Tv Debater Inam Un Nabi presided over the function while as Chairman Rehmatal Lil Alameen Trust Sheikh Firdouse was Guest of honour.

While addressing the gathering, Inam Un Nabi hailed the efforts of Higher Secondary School, Pahalgam for creating awareness among the students and parents about the menace of drug addiction.

Inam said “Past few years we are seeing a rise in drug addiction in the state and it has a direct impact on our youth and school going children. To eradicate the menace from our society, we have to work as a unit; be it Social activists, administration, police, parents, civil society, school teachers or the religious clerics. We have to do our best to safeguard the future of our kids by making stringent laws, punishing the culprits and spreading awareness around but eradicating drug menace from our society needs a collective push,”

Inam also suggested government to replace the poppy cultivation with non narcotic alternatives. Inam said that replacing poppy with medicinal plants or with any non narcotic crops would ensure that the farmer gets a huge earning.

Speaking on the occasion Chairman Rehmatul lil Alameen trust, Sheikh Firdouse stressed on the importance of such programme to reach out to the youth to educate them about the menace of alcohol, drugs and substance abuse. He also said that drug abuse has become a major social concern and student has become very vulnerable to fall into the trap, while also urging upon the school management and teachers to pay more attention to children and take proactive steps to prevent the students from falling victims to such grave disaster drug addiction.

Social Activist Mohammad Shafi Bandh shared that it would be pertinent to involve young women in such awareness drives as increasingly this (drug menace) has engulfed many women too.

Chairman WTHHF Umar Wani said that teachers and other members of society along with the law enforcing agencies have to play a pivotal role in eradicating these widely spreading menaces, which are consuming younger generations directly and indirectly. He also appealed to the civil society to come forward and help to eradicate this social menace.

Social Activist Firdouse Nabi said shared various reasons for people resorting to drugs viz peer pressure, relief from Stress, Increase energy, Recreational purpose and status in the society etc. He also explained about how drug affects our body, social life and family life.

Social Activist Sahil Wani shared that such awareness campaigns will enable to create a strong ecosystem against the Drug Menace.

Speakers hailed the local coordinators of “We the Helping Hand foundation” including Nisar Ahmad Wani.

Others who spoke on the occasion teachers and students.

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