Pakistan: Ancient Hindu temple in Sialkot reopens after 72 years







An ancient Hindu temple in Sialkot in Pakistan’s Punjab province has been reopened for worshippers after 72 years on the directives of country’s Federal government.

Fulfilling the longstanding demand of minority Hindu community, the Shawala Teeja Singh Temple was recently opened and inaugurated according to Hindu traditions, reported The Express Tribune.

“For several years, the Hindu community has been demanding that the temple be opened,” said Syed Faraz Abbas, the deputy secretary of the Shrine.

Abbas added that the work on restoring the temple will soon begin after estimating the renovation cost. The idols of Hindu deities will be brought in from India.

The temple had remained closed since the partition and was reopened on the directives of Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and Evacuee Trust Property Board (EPTB) Chairman Dr Amir Ahmed.

In a similar development, a 500-year-old Gurudwara in Sialkot recently opened its doors for Indian Sikh pilgrims. While the Gurudawara earlier remained open for pilgrims from Pakistan, as well as Europe, Canada and the United States, the Indian pilgrims were not allowed to visit the holy place.

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