ASKPC condemns Hurriyat’s infringement in KP rehabilitation; Pandits will never become voice of break India forces

All State Kashmiri Pandit Conference (ASKPC) has taken serious note of some disgruntled persons of the community posing to be the representatives of Kashmiri Pandits when they have no locus standi anywhere in the displaced community. This was stated by Adv. Ravinder Raina President ASKPC in an extraordinary meeting of its executives held today at ASKPC Bhawan, Jammu

The president in his address said that ASKPC has been fighting for the cause of the community right from 1931 when Genocide was perpetrated on KPs in valley and it is the only premier n frontal organization of Kashmiri Pandit community which is representing all displaced Kashmiri Pandits scattered throughout globe.  Adding that any individual or group of individuals who are trying to hobnob with separatist and break India elements for return and rehabilitation of displaced community are acting against the spirit of resilience and resolve of community. KPs living in exile have undergone numerous tribulations and hardships to uphold the dignity and respect of Nation in general and community in particular.

Adv Ravinder Raina appealed the community members to stay vigilant against these mechanizations of Hurriyat and few vested interests of our community trying to defame and malign the Nationalist KP community and bail out the fascists and fanatic forces from the sins which they perpetrated upon hapless minorities of Valley. Adv Ravinder Raina in a stern message to Hurriyat Chairman said that it is pure day dreaming on part of Umer Farooq when he desires KPs to be part of their voice. Kashmiri Pandits are nationalists of highest order who would prefer to die than become voice of break India forces.

Adv. Ravinder Raina ridiculed the decision of Hurriyat to constitute a committee for return and rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits saying our persecutors can never be our saviors. He challenged the locus standi of Hurriyat in venturing into forbidden lands saying Kashmir Pandits have the first stake over Kashmir and it our return will be on our terms and conditions.

ASKPC General Secretary addressing the executive body outrightly rejected the press conference given by these vested interests along with Sampat Prakash. who poses as face of Kashmiri Pandit in Hurriyat conference.  Terming the claim of Sampat Prakash who said Governor Jagmohan was responsible for our exodus as a brazen lie, ASKPC Gen Secretary T K Bhat said, it was the fascist and fanatic society of valley armed with gun wielding mercenaries who made sure valley is cleansed of its minority Hindu population.

Dr TK bhat further added that it is same Hurriyat which outrightly rejected the establishment of Pandit colonies in Kashmir and had warned of blood bath in valley if land for Pandit colonies are procured by government now the same Hurriyat is showing false sympathy towards few Kashmiri Pandit.

Askpc reiterates that Kashmiri pandits who are the worst victim of a brutal genocide and religo-ethnic cleansing are the first stake holders in Kashmir and no resolution is possible without taking the displaced community on board. Government of India has Recognized Genocide of displaced community and it is the duty and responsibility of the government to Reverse it taking the community sentiments in cognizance.

Dr T K Bhat announced that ASKPC is holding one day conference shortly involving all the major organizations of the community to give a befitting response to all such quislings and break India forces Chalking out a future plan of action towards a dignified return and rehabilitation of community ensuring the basic cardinals of respect, security and non refoulement.

The others who put their views and expressed their concern were Sh R k Wangnoo, Vice President, S K Raina Secretary, Raj Nath Joint Sec, Smt Veena Gurtoo, Women Wing president, Sh Barat Bushan Gosain ex Gen sec, Sh B  L Handoo

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