Delimitation on the basis of 2011 census not acceptable: Ikkjut Jammu

Delimitation on the basis of 2011 census not acceptable: Ikkjut Jammu

Congratulating PM Narendra Modi and HM Amit Shah for their bold and nation-making decision to scrap divisive and discriminatory Articles 35A and 370 and bifurcating the state into Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, Ikkjut Jammu on Friday said that their historic decisions would go a long way in defeating the menace of terrorism and separatism in Kashmir and promoting the paramount sovereign interests in the highly strategic region of the country.

“Only PM Modi and HM Shah could have performed these historical feats and they won the heart of the nation by integrating fully Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh into India. What they appreciated was the nation’s age-old demand and by doing what they did, they opened a glorious chapter in the history of relations between Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh and the nation,” said Prof Hari Om, Patron IkkJutt Jammu while addressing press conference here today. He added that the whole nation is with the PM and the HM as they have established by their words and deeds that they know the nature of the dangers facing the nation and told the international community that India is a state in the real sense of the term, and not a banana republic. They nation would always hail PM Modi and HM Shah for their decision which dismantled the Islamic Republic of Jammu and Kashmir and gave to the nation United India.

At the same time, Prof Hari Om urged the Prime Minister to ask the Election Commission of India not to delimit the assembly constituencies in the Union Territory of Jammu and Ladakh on the basis of the 2011 biased and fraudulent census.


“The population of Jammu is more. The land area of Jammu is two-time that of Kashmir. A fair census and delimitation on the basis of the new census figures, nature of terrain and accessibility would give Jammu more seats. The bulk of the terrain in Jammu is inaccessible and even treacherous. Jammu has been denied proper representation in the assembly, which discusses and decides questions of supreme importance to well-being and happiness to the people, since 1951. Now is the time to undo the past wrongs and dispense justice to the people of Jammu,” said Prof Hari Om. He added that the Ikkjut Jammu has full faith in the PM and the HM.

“They would surely ask the census authorities to conduct a special census operation in the UT of Jammu and Ladakh before the proposed elections,” he expressed the hope. He said the lasting solution to Jammu problem and Kashmir Jihad lies in the creation of separate Jammu State and a separate homeland for the internally-displaced Kashmiri Hindus and added that the problems being faced by the people of Jammu are similar to the ones being faced by the people of Ladakh and that the people of Jammu, like the people of Ladakh, deserve a special attention and care as they have suffered huge socio-cultural and politico-economic losses during all these years of independence.

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