Eminent Displaced Kashmiri Hindus welcome Geo-Political reorganization of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh. Bob Blackman, UK Parliamentarian endorses the move.

Bob Blackman, a UK Parliamentarian in a special reference desired his name to appear in the list of signatories to this Joint statement.  He is very vocal about the plight and pathetic condition of Exiled Kashmiri Hindus and a very trusted friend of India.

Lakshmi Kaul, Head and Representative of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII-UK) and a fire brand community activist based in United Kingdom while appreciating the Joint Statement has reiterated her unflinching support and service to the just and righteous cause of the community and India.

Joint Statement issued by 600 eminent Displaced Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits) and their supporters welcoming the Removal of Art 370 and Geo-Political reorganization of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh.

 The displaced Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits) of Kashmir living across the world have hailed the epoch making decision of the Modi Government to neuter the article 370 and reorganize J&K into two Union Territories.

In a Joint statement they said that along with vast majority of nationalistic Indians, they always believed that the Article 370 was the veritable foundation on which a bigoted Muslim State of Jammu and Kashmir was allowed to flourish on the territory of secular India.

They appreciated the extra ordinary statesmanship and political will of the present government to dismantle the privileged edifice that sustain jihadist separatism in Kashmir.

In the statement read out to press by Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman, Panun Kashmir, who said, “the patriotic Hindus of Kashmir scattered across the Globe join 1.3 billion Indians in celebrating the release of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh from 70 years of bondage and its full integration with Indian nation.”

Complete Press Conference Video:


Adding further, Dr Chrungoo while reading out the statement on behalf Eminent displaced Kashmiri Hindus said, “We, the global community of displaced Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits) condemn a handful of discredits individuals, with questionable motives, seeking to unethically; represent Kashmiri Hindus while casting aspersions on the GOI’s historic decision. These individuals are nothing more than victim collaborators who have time and again sought to be  complicit with perpetrators of our genocide.”

“We, the resilient displaced Hindus of Kashmir along with the rest of the conscientious Indians once again hail the emancipating decisions of Modi Govt. to anal article 370 and create two Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir & Ladakh. We eagerly await to see the resolute implementation of the changes on the ground.”

“We, the proud and patriotic Kashmiri Hindus promise our unflinching support to the Govt. of India for ensuring the full success of emancipating change in Jammu and Kashmir. We also offer our unconditional availability for contributing in the success of the new revolutionary changes brought about in Jammu and Kashmir.”

Dr Agnishekhar, Convenor of Panun Kashmir, introduced the eminent Displaced Kashmiri Hindus present in the press conference. He said, “A hand full of Kashmiri Hindus who have reservations against abrogation of Article 370, 35A and Geo Political Reorganisation of state do not represent the sentiments of this nationalist community”.

A list of all the signatories was released to press and it has been published here for the our readers:



S No.          Name                           Status

  1. Anupam Kher – Actor, Mumbai
  2. Padamshri Dr.Subash Kak-  Computer Scientist ,Indologist of repute and poet. USA
  3. Padamshri Pandit Bhajan Sopori   – Santoor maestro and Music Director ,Delhi
  4. Padamshri Jawahar Lal Koul, Journalist, Delhi
  5. Padamshri Dr.Kashi Nath Pandita—Ex-Director Central Asian Studies ,Kashmir University, author, Jammu
  6. Bansi Kaul —–  Theatre Director ,actor, playwright ,Delhi
  7. Mohan Kaul —-     Ex-DG Commonwealth, UK
  8. P.N.Razdan —- Former Vice Chancellor Dr D.Y.Patil Vidyapeeth, Ex Senior Deputy Director General  GSI Ministry of Mine Government of India ,Pune
  9. RL Hangloo —VC, University of Allahabad, Historian, Allahabad


  1.  Pandit Triloke Kaul —– Painter,Ex-Director School of Designs ,Jammu

    11.Shantiveer Kaul           — Eminent critic & researcher ,poet ,broadcaster, author. Delhi

     12.Ashok Ogra                                — Media management professional and educator ,Gurgaon

  1. Sushil Pandit —– Political thinker and media professional, activist
  2. Dr.Agnishekhar —-Writer, poet, author, Convenor Panun Kashmir ,Jammu
  3. Dr.Ajay Churangoo —-Chairman, Panun Kashmir, Jammu
  4. Dr.SS Toshkhani —-Writer, poet,Indologist,author,Delhi
  5. Deepak Budki,IPS, –Former Member,Postal Services Board,noted Urdy writer,with 16 published books,Ghaziabad
  6. Dr.Shakti Bhan –Gynecologist GMC Srinagar,Apollo Hospital,Charperson Daughters of Vitasta,New Delhi

    19.Nancy Kaul Taneja                           –Daughters  of Vitasta

  1. Ashoke Pandit —Film maker-Director,political commentator,President Indian film and TV artiste association,Mumbai
  2. Lalit Parimoo —Actor and acting teacher,Mumbai
  3. Prof.Ratan Parimoo —Art historian,author,painter,Vadodara
  4. Prof.Ashok Kaul –Prof.Emeritus Sociology,BHU and author,Varanasi
  5. Prof.Raj Bhat —- Linguistics,BHU,Varanasi
  6. Hriday Kaul Bharati —-Kashmiri short story writer and trend setter,Jaipur
  7. Sudhakar Adeeb —–Writer, essayist and former Bureaucrat UP Govt.,Lucknow
  8. Prof.Kailash Mehra Sadhu —- Singer,Jammu
  9. Prof.Arvind Gigoo —-Writer,critic,translator,art lover,author,Jammu
  10. Dr.Kavita Suri —Journalist,author,Jammu
  11. Kuldeep Saproo –Music Director,CEO Radio Maej Kashmir,Jammu
  12. Dr.RK Churangoo —Surgeon,Jammu
  13. .Prof.Neerja Ticku –Architect, former faculty member Delhi School of architecture,New Delhi
  14. Dr.Khema Kaul —Hindi Novelist,Short story writer,Dairy writer and essayist,Jammu
  15. Kuldeep Raina —-Gen. Sec. Panun Kashmir,Jammu
  16. Kamal Hak —–Columnist,Social activist,Noida
  17. Kiran Vattal —-Ex- Commissioner,JMC,President Vishva Kashmiri Samaj,Jammu
  18. Dr.KL Chaudary —Prof.Medicine, author,poet and essayist,Jammu
  19. Shailendra Aima —-Educationist,Editor,Kashmir Sentinel,Jammu
  20. Tito Ganju —–Law  scholar,Editor Epilogue,Jammu
  21. Prof.Amar Malmohi —- Playwright,Novelist,Short story writer, Pune

   41 Prof.RL Shant                                                 —Writer,playwright,poet,author,thinker,Jammu

  1. Col.Tej Tikoo —-Author,President AIKS,New Delhi

   43.Capt.SK Tikoo                                               –Political thinker,Delhi

  1. Avtar Krishan Rahbar —–Sahitya Academy    awardee,broadcaster,writer,author,Delhi
  2. Dr.Sunil Bhat —–Head Paediatric Oncology,Narayana Health network,Mumbai
  3. Prof.Shiban Krishan Raina ———Educationist,author,researcher,translator,former fellow IIAS,Shimla,Alwar
  4. Prof.BL Zutshi, —–Educationist and Social activist,Mumbai
  5. Vithal Chaudry —–Entrepreneur,Social activist,New Delhi.
  6. Rahul Razdan —–Principal Product Leader, IT MNC, Hyderabad
  7. Rahul Kaul —-Entrepreneur,Pune
  8. Bihari Lal Kaul —-Headmaster(R),Jammu
  9. Chandrakanta —Hindi Novelist and Short story writer, Vyas Samman awardee,Gurgaon
  10. Brig.(Retd.) Ashok Hak —Noida
  11. Ramesh Handoo —Entrepreneur,thinker,Delhi
  12. .Kashmiri Khosa —-Eminent painter,Delhi
  13. Ajay Kumar Kak – Entreprenuer, Faridabad


  1. Lalit Ambardar —-Enigneer-entrpreneur,political commentator,Delhi


  1.  ON Trisal —-Veteran political leader,Jammu

   59.Sunaina Koul,Singer,Jammu

   60.Ramesh Marhatta,broadcaster,Jammu

   61.Shyam Behari,writer,Jammu

   62.ML Pandita, Kashmiri fiction writer

   63.PN Shad,poet and writer,Jammu

   64.Makhan Lal Saraf,theatre artist,playwright,author,Gwalior

   65.Dr.Shadi Lal Kachroo,Surgeon,Jammu

  66.PN Raina,engineer,community activist,Jammu

  67.Rohit Bhat,actor,director,Jammu

  68.Kanwal Peshin,actor,cultural activist,Jammu

  69.Prof.ON Dhar,Jammu

70.Hira Lal Bhat,community  activist,Jammu

71.Santosh Nadaan,poetess,Jammu

72.Dr.RL Bhat,Deputy Director(R) J&K Govt ,columnist,author,Jammu

73.Dr.Suresh Saraf,Urologist,Jammu

74.Dr.Victor Koul,Ex-Director Animal Husbandry,J&K Govt.,Jammu

75.BK Dass,writer,blogger and educationist,Jammu

76.KM Kishore,entrepreneur,Leh

77.Ravi Mahaldar,Cultural activist,Jammu

78.Daya Krishan Kaul,community activist,ex-entrepreneur,Jammu

79.Dr.Ramesh Tamiri,Ophtalmologist and author,Jammu

80.Dr.Kuldeep Kumar Kaul,Psychiatrist,Jammu

81.Dr.Ashok Pandit,Ex-Deputy Director,Animal Husbandry,J&K Govt. And Gen.Sec. Sanatan Dharam Sabha,Sopore,Jammu

82.Prof.MK Raina,former HOD Zoology,Kashmir University,Jammu

83.Upender Ambaradar,broadcaster,researcher and writer,Jammu

84.PL Waguzari,educationist,Jammu

85.Dr.KK Pandita,Neurologist,Jammu

86.Dr.Sushma Shalla,Gynecologist, Jammu

87.Dr.Inder Raina,doctor,Jammu

88.Dr.Ranjana Dhar,Gynecologist,Jammu

89.Prof.Padmini Tikoo,Sitar player,educationist,Jammu

90.Sharda Nandan Bhat,engineer,cultural activist,Jammu

91.Prof.Virinder Rawal,film maker,educationist,cultural activist,Jammu

92.Asha Zaroo,theatre and radio artiste,Jammu

93.TK Ganjoo,educationist,cultural activist,Jammu

94.Adarsh Ajit,writer,columnist,Jammu

95.Virjee Sumbly,painter,art director,Jammu

96.Bihari Kak,stage and film actor,Jammu

97.Rajnath Raina,formerZEO,trade unionist,Jammu

98.Satish Munshi,educationist,Burn Hall,Jammu

99.Sunita Santoshi,Helpage India Chief,J&K,SOCIAL ACTIVIST,Jammu


101.IB Zutshi,Journalist,Jammu,

102.Vijay Zutshi,artist and sculptor,Jammu

103.Ravinder Kaul, columnist,c ritic,author,Jammu

104.Rahul Pandit,entrepreneur,Jammu

105.Lenin Kumar Bhat,engineer,community activist,Jammu

106.Rattan Jowhar,Kashmiri writer,critic,Jammu

107.Naina Saproo, Singer,thinker,Jammu

108.Shivani Bhat,painter,Jammu

109.Makhan Lal Bhat,Social activist,Patanjali Yoga teacher,Jammu

110.PL Pandita,social activist,Jammu


112.Sanjay Raina,social activist,Jammu

113.Rajinder Dhar,engineer,social activist,Jammu

114.Dilip Bakaya,engineer,social activist,Jammu

115.Bhushan Lal Jalali,Bank Manager(R),President Rainawari Action Committe,Jammu

116.Avtar Bhat,Journalist,Jammu

117.RC Kaul,educationst and technocrat,Jammu

118.Prof.Suchitra Saproo Churangoo,Jammu

119.Sunil Kaul,social activist,Ram Shaiv ashram,Jammu

120.Dr.BN Thussoo,Surgeon,Jammu

121.SK Peer,engineer,Jammu

122.Kulshi Pandita,teacher,Jammu

123.Bibu Ji Zutshi,Agricultural officer,community activist,Jammu

124.Rakesh Peer,community activist,Jammu

125.Virender Kaul,social activist Jammu

126.Kesar Durrani,social activist,Jammu

127.Avtar Krishan Pandita,educationist,Jammu


129.Dr.VK Bhat,academician,Jammu

130.Jai Kishen Raina,Actor,Jammu

131.Usha Handoo, Singer,Jammu

132.Sunil Tickoo, Entrepreneur,Tours & Travels,Jammu

133.Kusum Tikoo,Actor,Anchor,Jammu

 134.Kusum Dhar,Actor and poetess,Jammu

135.Sunita Kaul Arora,Journalist,Jammu

136.MK Bangroo,Journalist,Jammu

137.MK Raina,Statistician,Jammu

138.Krishan Lal Pandita,Businessman,Jammu

139.Bansi Lal Bhat,Businessman,Jammu

140.Ashok Aima,Self-employed,Jammu

141.Prof.AN Sadhu,former HOD Economics,Jammu University,Jammu

142.Mohan Lal Pandita,ZEO(R),Jammu

143.Brij Krishan Pandita, Senior Headmaster(R),Jammu

144.Roshan Lal Koul, Principal(R),Jammu

145Mohan Lal Raina, Principal(R) ,Jammu

146.Smt.Vijay Kumari Koul, Headmaster(R),Jammu

147.A.K.Pandit,Retd. Deputy Chief Education Officer,Jammu

148.Bansi Nirmal Koul,Sr.Lecturer(R),Jammu

149.Tej Krishan Raina, Sr.Lecturer(R),Jammu

150.SK Kitchlu,Lecturer(R),Jammu

151.Prof.MK Ticku,Professor(R),Jammu

152.Dr.BL Bhat,Principal(R),Jammu

153.BL Bakshi, Headmaster(R),Jammu

154.Makhan Lal Marhatta, ZEO(R),Jammu

155.Rattan Lal Koul,Sr.Lecturer(R), Jammu

156.Dr.RK Bhat,Professor,Jammu

157.Prof.GL Koul,academician,community activistJammu

158.AK Koul,Naib Tehsildar(R),Jammu

159.Dr.Aditya Sher,Doctor,Jammu

160.Dr.CL Marhatta,Doctor,Jammu

161.Dr.AK  Koul,Doctor,Jammu

162.BL Koul,Additional Secretary J&K Assembly(R),Jammu

163.Ashok Kumar Koul,Asstt.Director BSNL (r),Jammu

164.ON Koul,Retired AC,j&k Govt.,Jammu

165.Satish Sher,Agricultural Officer,Social activist,Jammu

166.Kuldeep Raina,MES,(R),Jammu

167.Virender Kaw,Bank Manager,Jammu

168.BL Koul, Bank Manager(R),Jammu

169.SK Kandroo,Bank Manager(R), Jammu

170.Ashok Kumar Bhat, Bank Manager(R), Jammu

171.Kuldeep Kumar Bhat,SBI(R),Jammu

172.Rajesh Dhar,CEO Coventary,Jammu

173.Pradeep Khudbali,writer,author,Social activist,Jammu

174.Puneet Jyotishi,entrepreneur,Jammu,

175.Ashok Saraf Gayal,poet,writer,Delhi

176.Gokul Dembi,painter,faculty member Institute of Fine Arts,Srinagar,Jammu

177.Mahraj Krishan Santoshi,poet,Short storywriter,critic ,author,Jammu

178.Meenakashi Khosa,educationist,Jammu

179.Prof.TK Zadoo,Physics,Jammu

180.Ashwani Trisal,Cultural activist,Jammu

181.Shiban Dhar,Secretary Samaj Sudhar Samiti,Jammu

182.PL Koul Budgami,Educationist,author and Social activist,Jammu

183.Sanjay Moza,Agriculture officer,community  activist,Jammu

184.Sanjay Dhar,Agricultural Officercommunity activist,Jammu

185.Usha Sumbly,Social activist,Jammu

186.Sudesha Kaul,Social activist,Jammu

187.Gayatri Hashia, Social activist,Jammu

188.AK Tickoo,Bank Officer,Jammu

189.JK Bhat,Advocate High Court,Jammu

190.Dr.VK Kashkari,Agricultural  scientist,community activist ,Jammu

191.Dr.Veena Pandita,educationist,Jammu

192.Ravinder Raina,Advocate,J&K High Court,President ASKPC,Jammu

193.Dr.TK Bhat,Ex-DD  Animal Husbandry Deptt.,J&K Govt.,Gen.Sec.ASKPC,Jammu

194.Dr.Prof.RL Koul,academician,Jammu

195.SL Bakshi,engineer,community activist,Jammu

196.Vipul Bhat,entrepreneur,Jammu

197.Girja Bhat,Bank official,Jammu

198.Jugal Koul,Theatre critic,poet,thinker,Jammu

199.Advocate,Yuvraj Bhushan,community activist,Jammu

200.Bimla Aima,educationist,poet,cultural activist,Jammu

201.Ravi Braroo,actor,director,playwright,producer,Jammu

202.Suresh Saraf,entrepreneur,Jammu,

203.Ajay Khosa, Entrepreneur &  Associate editor, Epilogue,  Jammu

204.Ranoo Koul, Educationist, Jammu

205.Col. Raj Kumar Mirakhur (Retd). Delhi NCR

 207.Col. Autar Shalli (Retd) Delhi NCR

 208.HL Munshi. Engineer.,Social Worker. Former President. Kashmiri Pandits Association. Noida.

 209.Pawan Durrani, Corporate Professional, Delhi

 210.Priya Fotedar- Corporate Manager. Gurgaon

 211.Pankaj Lidoo – Ghaziabad – Entreprenuer

 212.Ashish Chowdhary- Delhi – Social Activist – Senior Manager MNC Travel Company,Delhi

 213.Rajoo Kak – Delhi -Business Head – Delhi

 214.Simharan Razdan -Ghaziabad – Business Manager in an MNC

 215.Sanjay Raina  – Noida – Project Head

 216.Sumesh Kampassi – Delhi – Regional Head – MNC

 217.Sunil Wangnoo – Delhi – Director Sales  – MNC

 218.Deepika Kaul – Delhi – Senior Manager 

 219.Randeep Raina – Chief Technology Officer – MNC – Faridabad

  220.Vimal Sumbly- Head Asia Pacific Auto sector,DelhiAshwani Kumar Bhat, Administrative officer -LIC of India

 221.Deepak Kaul, Vice President, MNC Bank

222.Anjana razdan , Teacher,  lord jesus public school grogram

 223.Promilla Qazi,Hindi writer,critic,Faridabad

224.Sushma Kalla,Singer,Faridabad

225.Lovely Chandra,Singer,Delhi

226.Ajay Kumar Wali,Sr.Banker,Greater NoidaJK Sher,Bank Officer(R),Faridabad

227.Randeep Raina – Chief Technology Officer – MNC – Faridabad

228.Sameer Churangoo,President KSD,Delhi

229.Vijay Raina,Gen.Sec.KSD,Delhi

230.CL Gadoo,former KSD,Author,Delhi

231.Ramesh K.Safaya,architect and town planner,Noida

232.Dr.Mahesh Kaul,post doctoral fellow,ICPR,HRD Ministry,Delhi

233.Dr.BB Kachroo,Orthopaedician,Ghaziabad

234.Dr.Nirdosh Safaya, Paediatrician, Noida

235.BL Munshi,Sr.Agricultural Officer(R),Noida

236.MK Wattal,Sr.Administrative Officer,,New Delhi

237.Kundan Kashmiri, President KPC, Delhi

238.Dr.LN Dhar,doctor,Ex-President KSD,Delhi

239.Dr.Santosh Dhar,Gynecologist,Delhi

240.Dr.Advaidvadini Kaul,author,researcher,Delhi

241.Surja Sahib,actor,broadcaster AIR,Delhi

242.MK Dhar,educationist,former Principal,National High School,Srinagar,New

243.Sunil Kumar Moza,engineer,engineer,Ghaziabad

244.Utpal Kaul,scholar,publisher,Delhi

245.CB Kaul,veteran journalist,served in Indian Express,the Pioneer,the Guardian,Delhi

246.ML Kak,former Bureau Chief,The Tribune and author,Delhi

247.Subash Premi,writer,Faridabad

248.Chand Pandita , Private Entrepreur-Social Activist,NCR

249.Rupesh Pandita, Private Entrepreur-Social Activist,NCR

250.Kuldeep Raina, Private Entrepreur-Social Activist,NCR

251.Vijay Bhat, Private Entrepreur-Social Activist,NCR

252.Ashok Raina, Private Entrepreur-Social Activist,NCR

253.Surinder Patwari, Private Entrepreur-Social Activist,NCR

254.Manoj Khandari, Private Entrepreur-Social Activist,NCR

255.Puran Munshi, Private Entrepreur-Social Activist,NCR

256.Anil Nakhasi,Cartoonist,writer and film maker,Delhi

257.Renu Kaul Verma,journalist,MD Vitasta Publishing House,New Delhi

258.Digamber Raina,entrepreneur,Faridabad

259.Vijay Tikoo,engineer,former VP Panun Kashmir and Gen.Sec.KSD,Delhi

260.Chand Ji Pandita,Social activist,Delhi

261.Sudhir Kaul,entrepreneur,Noida

262.Dilip Langoo,singer ,music composer,Delhi

263.Puran Patwari,Social activist,Faridabad

264.Ashok Khamosh,poet,writer,Faridabad

265.Arzan Nath Bhat ‘ Majrooh’,floriculturist,poet,Delhi

266.Pratibha Kaul,entrepreneur,Gurgaon

267.Ashok Kaul,noted photographer,New Delhi

268.Aparna Sopori,Educationist,New Delhi

269.Dr.Hira Lal Saraf,Doctor,New Delhi

270.Dr.Ramesh Raina,doctor,Gen.Sec. AIKS,Delhi

271.Yamini Kaul,content writer,Delhi

272.Sanjay Ganjoo,social activist,Delhi

273.Sunil Kilam,Marketing professional,.New  Delhi

274.Rajiv Raina,CA,New Delhi

275.Dr.Anil Vaishnavi,Paediatrician,Delhi

276.Ajay Thussoo,entrepreneur,Delhi,

277.Rakesh Dalal,consultancy,Delhi

278.Manoj Sodi,Banker,Delhi

279.Ramesh Razdan,Engineer-Entrepreneur,Delhi

280.Kalhan  Raina,Production Engineer,Noida

281.Ramesh Khosa,CEO SWH Power India,Noida

282.Bharat Khoshoo,Engineer,Gurgaon

283.Surinder Sher,Engineer,Faridabad,

284.Anugreh Raina,Software Engineer,New Delhi

285.Arjun Sharga,Sr.Journalist,Noida

286.Jawahar Lal Raina,Bank Manager(R),Gurgaon

287.Sunil Raina Rajanaka,Editor Naad,Delhi

288.Deep Shalini Raina,artist,activist,Faridabad

289.Dr.Surinder Handoo,President Kashmiri Sevak Samaj,Faridabad

290.Sunil Shakhdar,former President KSD,Delhi

291.Dr.Meenakshi Koul,Prof.Symbiosis University,Noida

292.Ravinder Kumar Pandita,Legal Financial Advisor,Noida

293.Kashi Akhoon,Financial Consultant,Faridabad

294.Dr.JL Jad,Doctor,New Delhi

295.Dr.Sanjay Kachroo,Doctor,Dwarka,New Delhi

296.Sunita Dhar,Educationist,New Delhi

297.Prof.BL Fotedar,academician,New Delhi

297.Ashok Manwati,social activist,New Delhi

298.Ritu Peshin,software engineer,Delhi

299.Amit  Raina,Financial Consultant,NCR

300.Pamela Dhar,entrepreneur,Delhi

301.MK Bhat,painter,Delhi

302.Minakashi Watts,poet,writer,artist,Delhi

303.Neena  Koul Hangloo,educationist,Delhi

304.Capt.Kapil Raina(IA),Delhi

305.Virender Patwari,writer,critic,Delhi

306.Anil Koul,Bank Manager(R),Delhi

307.Kashish Koul,Corporate professional,Delhi

308.Puran Patwari,Sr.officer,Indian Statistical Service,Delhi

309.Monika Kohli Ganju,Senior Advocate,J&K High Court,Jammu

 310..Anjali Razdan, Director – Education, Kairos Global School, Hyderabad (former Principal, P Obul Reddy School, Hyderabad).

 311.Vikram Thaploo, CEO – Telehealth, Apollo Hospitals Group, Hyderabad

 312.Shailender Kaur Razdan, Senior Product Leader, IT MNC, Hyderabad

 313.Bharat Bushan Dhar, Business Specialist, Hyderabad

 314.Kuldeep Bhan, Project Manager, IT MNC, Hyderabad

315.Bhavana Kaul, Manager, Hyderabad

316.Varsha Raina,CA,Hyderabad

317.Rohit Ravi Bhat – Mumbai – Business Head

318.Monika Ajay Kaul,Academician, poet,painter,Mumbai

319.Rakesh Roshan Bhat,Playwright,fil maker,Mumbai

320.Bharat Pandit,Actor,Media Entrepreneur,Mumbai

321.Geetanjali Raina,Fashion Designer,Mumbai

322.Raj Parimoo,VP Marketing,Mumbai

323.Neerja Pandit,Singer,Mumbai

324.Sharika Kaul,Strategy specialist and Women’s Rights activist,Mumbai

325.Shiban Krishan Kaul,Engineer,social activist,Thane

326.Ajay Dhar,Social activist,Thane

327.Prof.Moti Lal Tikoo,academician,Mumbai

328.Ashwani Gadoo,Film maker,Mumbai

329.Kamini Kaul,Social activist,Mumbai

330.Bhasha Sumbli,Actor,Director,NSD Alumni

331.Shiv Priya Gurtoo,Advocate,Vashi

332.Ajay Bhat,Regional Head SBI Insurance,Mumbai

333.Krishan Kumar Ticku,Social-Religious leader,Mumbai

334.Vipin Koul,Engineer,Mumbai

335.Akshay Ambardar,Marketing professional,Mumbai

336.MK Parimoo,Broadcaster,writer,Mumbai

337.Rajesh Kaul,Engineer,Mumbai

338.Sheetal Talashi,HR Mumbai

339.Pooja Khushu,Entrepreneur,Mumbai

340.Akshay Ambardar,Marketing professional,Mumbai

341.Ashish Koul,Author,media professional,Mumbai

342.Krishna Koul,Actor,Mumbai

343.Peuish Dhar – Jaipur – Associate Vice President , MNC BANK

 344.Maharaj Krishan Shah,Short story writer,film  maker,editor Koshur Samachar-Hindi,Jaipur

345.Dr.Tej Krishan Walli,Diary scientist,former Head Nutrition,National Diary Institute Karnal,painter,author,Karnal

346.Archna Zurtshi,Educationist,Chandigarh

347.Sq.Ldr.(R) BL Sadhu,Philanthropist,Chandigarh.

348.Dr.AK Raina,Scientist,Nagpur

349.Prof.Ashok Wattal,Author,President Kashmiri Sabha,Ambala

350.Rajender Kaw,Gen.Sec.Kashmiri Sabha,Ambala

351.Virender Mohan Pandita,social activist,Ambala

352.Prof.RK Bhan,Zoology ,Ambala

353.Bal Jee Koul,AO Graphic Era University,Dehradun

354.BL Kantroo,Sr.Agriculture Officer(R),Karnal

355.Dheeraj Kaul,Bank Officer,Jaipur

356.Asha Kachroo,Social activist,Telengana,

357.Ashish Kaul,Social activist,Bhopal

358.Satinder Razdan, Social activist,Bhopal

359.Nidhi Raina,Engineer,Bangalore

360.Daleep Razdan,engineer,Bangalore

361.Romesh Kumar Matto,Journalist,President KP Sabha,Bangalore

362.Ashutosh Hanjura,APMG(R),Bangalore

363.Bhawana Hanjurah,Community activist,Bangalore,

364.Abhay Hanjurah,Entrepreneur,Bangalore

365.Chhamly Sumbly Pendke,Actor,entrepreneur,Nagpur

366.Renu Lata Kaul,Singer,Film maker,Lucknow

367.Dr.Shailja Ambardar,Writer,critic,educationist,Vadodara

368.Dr.Bihari Lal Ambardar,Paediatrician,Vadodara

369.Dr.Kalhan Ambardar,doctor,Vadodara

370.Dr.Girja Dhar,doctor,Chandigarh

371.Dr.Rohin Dhar,Paediatrician,Chandigarh

372.Bharat Kachroo,Social activist,Lucknow

373.Dr. Sunny Kitchlu,Doctor,Bangalore

374.Dr.Dimple Raina,Doctor,Dehradun

375.Dr.Ajay Pandita,Doctor,Dehradun

376.Dr.Ishika Jalali,Dentist,Chandigarh

377.Surinder Saraf,community activist,Dehradun

378.Dr.Satish Pandit,Paediatric Surgeon,Panipat

379.Mohan  Lal Pandit,Sr.AO(R),J&K Govt.,Yamuna Nagar

380.Rozy Moza, Educationist, Chandigarh

381.Urmila Kher, Educationist, Jaipur

382.Rakesh Kaul,technocrat,Sharda script expert,Bangalore

383.Dr.Ashwani Wangnoo,scientist,Bhopal

384.Sandeep Raj Koul,technocrat,Hardwar.

385.KK Bhan,Agricultural officer(R),Nashik

386.Nymphea Saraf,entrepreneur,Gwalior

387.Sangeeta Ganju,communication engineer,Bangalore

388.Sunil Bhat,Industry consultant,Chandigarh

389.Vinod Razdan,Bank Officer(R),researcher,Chandigarh

390.Pranesh Nagari,Bank official(R),Bangalore

391.Shyam Prasad Dhar,Area Cordinator HP Association of Old KPs,Kangra

392.Rattan Lal Bhat,State coordinator, HP Association of Old KPs,Dharmsala

393.Bhushan Kaul,painter,Jaipur

394.Anil Dhar,entrepreneur,Chandigarh

395.Anita Kaul Dhar,entrepreneur,Chandigarh

396.Umesh Dhar Sharma,ex-serviceman,Avery,Kangra

397.Sanjay Khashoo,entrepreneur,Uttarakhand

398.Sunita Handoo,painter,Chandigarh

399.Sushil Kaul, Entrepreneur – Brand building and Corporate events , Pune

 400.I K Kaul, President Kashmiri Hindu Sabha, Pune

 401.Sanjay Dhar Management Consultant – IT  DevOps & Cloud Transformation, Secretary KHS Pune

 402.Sanjay Kaul , Entrepreneur- Poultry and  Handicrafts,Pune

 403.Vrushali Kaul – Corporate Facilitator, Pune

 404 C L Razdan- Pune based businessman

 405. Rajesh kaul , CFO , software company, Pune

 406.Ajay Karnail, Manufacturing Head , Compressor industry,Pune

 407.Sunil Raina , Entrepreneur- Engg sector, Pune

408.Sunil Gurtoo ,Profession-  Asia Head Infra Company Location- Pune

409.Virender Kaul,Engineer,Pune

410.Ram Krishan Jyotishi,Bank Manager(R),Pune

411.Vikas Raina,VP Business  NICH software,Pune

412.RC Sheopuri,ex-VP Indian Express,Pune

413.Jogesh Wali-formerv President Kashmiri Hindu Sabha,Pune

414.Avtar Krishan Razdan,Short story writer,researcher,receipent of coveted awards,Pune

415.Rohit Ravi Bhat,Entrepreneur,Pune

416.Vishnu Sopori,General Insurance official,Pune

417.Ashwani Vishin,Range Officer(R)J&K Forests,Pune

418.Sumit Koul,Automobile Industry expert,Pune

419.Ravin Trakroo,entrepreneur,Pune

420.Hira Lal Munshi,community activist,Pune

421.PN Tikoo,President KHS Pune

422.Ramesh Manwati,Author,Social activist,Pune

423.Sunil Mattoo, Hospitality sector, Goa

 424.Seema Mattoo, Media  professional,Goa

 425.Madan Bakshi,Community activist,author, Goa

426.Dr.Bimal Misri,scientist,Dharamshala

427.Arachna Zutshi,entrepreneur,Chandigarh.

428.Dr. Rabinder Koul, COO Vegamx, Chicago, USA

 429.Karuna Dhar, Architect Designer. Chicago, USA

 430.Naveen Dhar, Architect, IT MNC, Chicago, USA

 431.Raj Koul Midwest Director Indo American Kashmir Forum,USA

 432.Nittu Bhat Manager IT London

 433.Vikas Bhat senior manager Infrastructure,UK

 434.Kapil Dhar Digital business consultant,UK 

 435.Sanjit Kaul – Psychiatrist consultant,UK

 436.Anshul Bhat Co-founder Start Up Italy

 437.Anita Koul Founder KUFFUKA USA


  1. Veerji Wangoo. IT specialist, Finland.


  1. Deepak Kaul. IT specialist, Germany.


  1. Dr. Sunandha Kaul. Medical Practitioner. Sweden.


  1. Dr.Bansi Kaul,Sweden.

 442.Vidyut Kaul. Technocrat. Amsterdam.

 443.Ashima Kaul. Writer. Amsterdam.

 444.Sanjay Raina – Senior Media Professional

Middle East and Africa,Dubai

 445.Neena Kaul, DDS,Profession Practicing Dentist in Silicon Valley,USA

446.Ashwini Kaul , H.O.D. Mechanical Services , Dubai

 447.Preety Raina, Pharmacist,Maryland

448.Dr Sanjay Dhar Cardiologist based in United Kingdom

449.Rajni Koul, Retired Engineer, Chicago, United States

450.Sanjila Dhar IT professional Chicago, United States

 451.Dr Reshma Koul, Resident My Senai Hospital, New York, USA

452.Aditya Koul, JM Assoc, New York, USA

453.Sanjay Raina – Dubai – Business Head

454.Dr.Mohan Saproo,Physician,USA

455.Dr.Kuldeep Razdan, Physician,USA

456.Dr.Sunil Trakroo, community  activist,UK

457.Dr.Vijay Dhar,doctor,UK

458.Dr.Ram Tickoo,doctor,UK

459.Dr.Sunil Dhar,doctor,UK

460.Dr.Amrit Nehru,doctor,Director Indian Hindu Foundation,USA

461.Kuldeep Hak,technical leadership expert in cyber security,USA

462.Ajai Chowdri,entrepreneur,Germany

463.Mithila Mattoo,architect,USA

464.Ashima Kaul,Writer,Netherlands

465.Inder Kaw,Project Manager,USA

466.Prof.Phoola Chaudhry,Canada

467.Indu Jalali,Social Activist,Germany

468.Rajesh Kaul,Corporate professional,Germany

469.Kapil Kaul,painter,art historian,Austria

470.Dr.Deepali Wattal,acclaimed Singer,Nairobi

471.Veer Ji Khar,Engineer,President NZ NRI association,New Zealand

472.Himalaya Sumbli,writer,Entrepreneur,Canada

473.Lalit Kaul, writer,Ex- President  IAKF,USA

474.Sanjay Jalali,CEO MNC,Singapore

475.Urvashi Koul,Engineer,London,UK

476.Vineet Koul,Engineer,USA

477.Nidhi Kaul,HR Professional,Oman

478.Sheetal Dhar,software engineer,Singapore

479.Vikas Mattoo,Textile Industry technocrat,Indonesia

480.Ashwani Sharma,technocrat,Dubai

481.Sanjay Peshin,President Kashmiri Pandit Association,Europe

482.Ashutosh Bakshi,Gen Sec., Kashmiri Pandit Association,Europe

483.Vikas Kaul,Treasurer, Kashmiri Pandit Association,Europe

484.Rashmi Razdan,Executive member, Kashmiri Pandit Association,Europe

485.Vindesh Bhat,executive member, Kashmiri Pandit Association,Europe

486.Sanjeev Kak, San Francisco

487.Naveen Zalpuri,San Francisco

488.Anil Ambardar,Costruction division ,Mexico

489.Anju Raina,IT professional,USA

490.Satish Pandita,software professional,USA,Microsoft

491.Ashwani Moza,IT professional,Maryland,USA

492.Shuban Qasba,entrepreneur,Connecticut,USA

493.Vidya Bhushan,cultural activist,Canada

494.Sanjay Kachroo,IT professional,Dubai

495.Vijay Raina,entrepreneur,Hotel industry,Abu Dhabi

496.Manju Bhat,community activist,Canada

497.Dr.Shiban Durrani, doctor,UK,former President IEKF

498.Shuban Kotwal,former President Kashmiri Pandit Association,UK

499.Dr.Archana Kaul,Biotechnologist,Canada

500.Veer Ji Wangoo,entrepreneur,Finland

501.DK Bakshi,International trainer and motivational speaker,Thailand

502.TK Jalali,artist,art educationist & Music composer,Canada

503.Arachana  Jalali, Singer,Canada

504.Manoj Bakshi,Entrepreneur,Kenya

505.Vimarsh Sumbly,Dancer,Cruise official,USA

506.Manju Bhat,community activist,Canada

507.Vipul Bhat,Corporate professional,Canada

508.Ramesh Hangloo,Corporate professional,Australia

509.Asha Hangloo Razda,IT professional,Australia

510.Ashutosh Razdan,Corporate professional,Australia

511.Sandeep Aima,Sr. Executive GE UAE

512.AK Ganjoo,Sr.Citizen,USA

513.Shailesh Ganju,Veteran US Army,USA

514.Vishav Ranjan Pandita,Law scholar,

515.Rajeev Sadhu,Head Global Telecom,Sweden

516.Vinay Dhar,Global Logistics,Sweden

517.Dr.Sonu Raina,Paediatrician HOD ,Finland

518.Dr.Sunil Raina,leading consultant of Real estate company

  1. Nirmal Bhat. Head Asean region, Global Multinational Company. Malaysia

520.Dr.S.Sumbly,social activist,Jammu

521.Murar Ji Kaul,community activist,Jammu

522.Rajesh Khaar,Singer,Jammu

523.Raja ji,Tikoo,Cultural activist,Jammu

524.Mohan Shah,Actor,Film producer,Jammu

525.Ashutosh Kaul,architect,Social activist,Jammu

526.Himadari Haksar,Advocate,Delhi

527.Aditi Haksar,USA

528.Vijay Dhar,actor ,Director,Jammu

529.Ashok Kumar Bhat,engineer,social activist,Jammu

530.SK Bhat,Chief Financial Advisor J&K Bank( Retd.)

531.Chanchal Dhar,social activist,Jammu

532.Surender Dhar,Agricultural officer(R),Community activist,Jammu

533.Veena Wanchoo,artist,founder Kalpush,Delhi

534.Deepak Chatta,former senior official CAG,GOI,Delhi

535.Dr.MK Malla,Veternarian,community activist,

536.Pravesh Zutshi,astrologer,Jammu

537.Suneet Jyotishi, astrologer,Jammu

538.Sushma Rishi,Women activist,Kashmiri Vahini,Jammu

539.Avtar Rishi,social activist,,Jammu

540.Vijay Khoda,Women activist, Kashmiri Vahini,Jammu

541.Meenakashi Siddha,women activist, Kashmiri Vahini,Jammu

542.Sunita Kaul,educationist…former Principal,Noida

543.Priya Bhat,folk singer,Jammu

544.Pradiman Krishan Bhat,actor,Jammu

  1. Rattan Lal Labroo- Social Activist- NOIDA
  2. Abhinov Sapru- Corporate Executive- Gurgaon.
  3. Jatinder Fotedar- Gurgaon.
  4. Sidharth Zarabi – Journalist, BTVi
  5. Geetu Moza – BTV1
  6. Aditya Raj Kaul – Senior Editor, BTVi
  7. Dr Kuldeep Raina – Vice Chancellor, Technical University, Dehradun
  8. Sumrati Tickoo Mishra – Risk Management Professional, USA
  9. Sunil Kaul, CA, USA
  10. James Bhan, MI, USA
  11. Karan Kaul, CA, USA
  12. Samir Ticku, MA, USA
  13. Dipak Tiku, MA, USA
  14. Vishal Kher, USA
  15. Prakash Anturkar, USA
  16. Vrinda Pandav, USA
  17. Parshuram Date, USA
  18. Surendra Matu, USA


Friends of Kashmiri Hindus who join us:

  1. Monica Reddy, Chairperson AHAM Talks, Hyderabad
  1. Mohandas Pai, Entrepreneur and Public Intellectual,


  1. Dinesh Kanabar, CEO, Dhruva Advisors LLP
  2. Anuraag Saxena, Founder, India Pride Project.
  3. P Ravindra Pai, Bengaluru
  4. Rudra Nath Talukdar. Oncologist. Hindu Mahasabha. Houston
  5. Luv Kush- Agra
  6. MM Sharma- Former Director, ICCR.
  7. PS Mehta (RETD)
  8. Commodore DS Sodhi
  9. Nav Jeevan Rastogi- Lucknow University.
  10. Rajat Kanti Mitra- Psychoanalyst, Delhi
  11. Shourie Bannai- Dallas, USA
  12. KK Bhardwaj- Seattle , USA
  13. Prof Rajkumar Bhatia- Delhi University
  14. Prof Kapil Kumar- IGNOU
  15. Prof Pradeep Sahni- IGNOU
  16. JS Rajput- Former Director, NCERT
  17. Makhan Lal- Historian
  18. Shivodeep Roy – Advocate, Delhi High Court
  19. BS Saraswat- IGNOU
  20. Meenal Lal- Historian
  21. AAkansha Bhawsar- JNU
  22. Ravinder Singh- Research Scholar-IGNOU
  23. Jyoti Singh- Polkitical Scientist
  24. AN Tripathi- IGNOU
  25. Shreeram Oberoi- Delhi university
  26. Dr, Rajesh Tope- Medical Practitioner
  27. Dr, Sanjay Srivastava – BHU
  28. HB Sharma
  29. Kaushal JNU
  30. Arti Rajdan- Film Actor
  31. S. jayaram- BHU
  32. ADN Vajpaye- Former VC- Himachal University.
  33. Bhupesh C Little- Lucknow University,
  34. Prof Shiv Vyas- IGNOU
  35. Prof KD Prasad- IGNOU
  36. Vinay Pathak- VC – UPTU
  37. Prof Ramesh Chandra , University of Delhi
  38. Ranjan Kumar IGNOU
  39. Kamal Kant Bali- Ex Banker- Meerut
  40. Ashok Kapoor- Ex Banker- Meerut
  41. Prof VR Jagannathan- Eminent Linguist- IGNOU
  42. Surdhendu Mukharjee- Historian, Delhi University,
  43. Gen, SP Sinha (Retd)
  44. Priya JNU
  45. Prof Surya Gunjal- YMOU- Nashik
  46. Prof NS Nathawat- IGNOU
  47. Pawan Upadhyaya- Journnalist – Lucknow
  48. Sushil Kumar Tiwari- IGNOU
  49. Deepti Roa- Delhi University
  50. Sushil Panday- BR Ambedkar University- Lucknow
  51. Deepak Raj Gupta- Jammu
  52. Meera Singh- Social Activist Mumbai
  53. Ranjeeta Ganguly- Film Actor- Mumbai
  54. Sudhanshu Sultana – Reaserch scholar – IGNOU
  55. Krishna Pujara, Founder Enfield
  56. Prema Bardhawaj, CEO, Vaahan Magazine
  57. Manish Tiwari, Chairman, Here and Now 365 Ltd
  58. Harish Goel, USA
  59. Rakesh Goyal, USA
  60. Angad Singh Vohra, USA
  61. Vipul H Patel, USA
  62. Hasmukh Patel, USA
  63. Prakram Mangrola, USA
  64. Harendra Mangrola, USA
  65. Dr. Hasmukh Shah, USA
  66. Dr. Jyotsna Shah, USA
  67. Siddhesh Shivade, USA
  68. Mandar Pitre, USA
  69. Sunil Parmar, USA
  70. Sunil Gupta, USA
  71. Dr. Shamkant P Sheth, USA
  72. Dr. Sunita S Sheth, USA
  73. Sunil Kaul, CA, USA
  74. James Bhan, MI, USA
  75. Karan Kaul, CA, USA
  76. Samir Ticku, MA, USA
  77. Dipak Tiku, MA, USA
  78. Vishal Kher, USA
  79. Prakash Anturkar, USA
  80. Vrinda Pandav, USA
  81. Parshuram Date, USA
  82. Surendra Matu, USA
  83. Rakesh Misri, India
  84. Vijay Miskeen, India 
  85. Sanjay Wali, India
  86. Ajay Sapru, India
  87. Maj Gen Ajay Kumar Chaturvedi AVSM VSM SM
  88. Prof SP Singh, Chancellor, Lucknow University


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