India urges Beijing to open economy for Indian companies to manage trade deficit















BJP Working president JP Nadda met Chinese ambassador to India, Sun Weidong, at the Party office here on Thursday and urged Beijing to open its economy for Indian companies to manage the trade deficit between the two companies.

The meeting was important as Chinese President Xi Jinping will be visiting India next month for an informal meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Nadda and Weidong discussed different aspects of India-China growing partnership.

“Nadda also urged China to open up the economy for Indian companies to manage the trade deficit,” said Vijay Chauthaiwala, in-charge of BJP’s Foreign cell, who was also present in the meeting.

The envoy also inquired about the massive success of the BJP government for the second time, on which Nadda replied, “The schemes run by the Modi government have changed the lives of the people at the grass-root level and that is the only reason we got re-elected with a vast majority.”

The Chinese envoy also showed excitement for future endeavours.

Meanwhile, Nadda mentioned about the good relations that are developing rapidly between the two neighbours.

Modi is expected to meet Xi, next month, and talk about the economy and changes in policies so that the Indian companies can get space in the Chinese market.

Though there were no talks on Article 370 today, however, China has already cleared its stand that Kashmir is an internal matter to India when an Indian delegation visited China two weeks ago.

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