Panun Kashmir pays homage to Martyrs, says Homeland Non-negotaible

Panun Kashmir organised a one day national convention  on  the Martyr’s Day today on the theme” The New Epoch in Jammu and Kashmir: Challenges and Tasks.It was conducted in two sessions.This years Martyr’s Day  was dedicated to Prof(Dr.) Mohan Krishen Teng,an eminent political scientist ,Chiarman Advisory Committee of Panun Kashmir and one of pioneers of the demand for separate Homeland for the KPs with UT status.

Convention started with the recitation of the of theme song “Asey Chu Tarun Kashmir” by eminent singer Prof.Kailash Mehra Sadhu,Reknowned singer Naina Saproo Trisal also gave her soulful presentation and the cultural session that included recitation of the bhajans of the legendary Master Zinda Kaul by his great grand daughter Smt.Renu Lata Kaul,Smt.Nirmal Kaul and Palavi Kaul.

While speaking on the occasion,Chief Guest,Col.R.S.N. Singh, renownstrategic expert  said,”With the abrogation of Article 370 and 35 A anew phase has started .It was just 7% population of Kashmir valley that had hijacked the governance and injected subversion into it.This infused arrogance of subversion and  created a launching pad for the Islamic jihad.For seventy years we were on defensive as far as  Islamic terrorism  is concerned and Article 370 and 35 A nurtured this.With the abrogation of these articles we are for the first time on offensive  and upholding national intrest.Next decisive step to uphold the territorial integrity and sovereignty will the  liberation of POJK.Kashmiri Pandit culture in exile is the continuity of Bharitya Sanskriti and time has come to give KPs their due,”

Kungzang Namgyal,President,Ladakh Buddhist Association,who was the guest of honour on the occasion said,”Kashmiri Pandits and Ladakhis have been in the forefront of the political reorganisation of the state for years.We are thankful to central government that Ladakh has been granted a long pending status of Union Territory.With the abrogation of Article 370 and 35 A  Indian nation has been upheld in Jammu,Kashmir and Ladakh.LBA stands shoulder to shoulder  with Panun Kashmir  in its struggle for the carving out of separate Homeland  with Union territory status for the reversal of Kashmiri Pandit genocide.”

Ankur Sharma,Chairman, Ikkjutt Jammu,said,”Government of India has to legtitimise the rule of law in the state and after the bifurcation of the state there is a need to acknowledge the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits by the Islamic jihadis of Kashmir. And start the trials of the killers of Kashmiri Pandits as enshrined in the  UN Conventions.Return of Kashmiri Pandits on permanent basis can  materilaise only  when the Homeland with  a union territory is created  for Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir.The first session was conducted by Shailendra Aima,Vice Chairman,Panun Kashmir.

Second session started with the dramatic adaption of the Arjun Dev Majboor’s poem on KP genocide by Dr.Sudhir Mahajan,Presedent ,Samooh Theatre.

While speaking on the occasion Dr.Kshema Kaul an eminent writer and poet said,”Truth telling  is the  essence  of continuity of civilisation and Kashmiri Pandits  are the torch bearers  of  nationalism.Panun Kashmir is the expression of Swachand  Bhiarava that has challenged jihad at all fronts and ensured its defeat.We are in a state of war for the last 30 years.Homeland with the continuity of the civilizational values is our ultimate goal and Kashmiri Pandit women have played a pivotal role as materialised  the form of Shakti to  empower the community.

Bhushan Lal Bhat,a senior PK leader  said,”Kashmiri Pandit return cannot be  based on tokenism.Though the wall of article 370 has been demolished but the reversal of Kashmiri Pandit genocide  will be a reality only when the Margdarshan Resolution is  implemented in letter and spirit and homeland carved out for the Kashmiri Pandits.”

Advocate Monika Kohli Ganju while speaking on the issue said,” denial of genocide  leads to double genocide and time has come to recognise the genocide of the religiously cleansed KPs to deliver justice.282 FIR’s are registered  confirming the genocide of  community but not a single conviction has been done so far.It speaks of the  connivance of the political establishment  to engineer genocide of KPs.Panun Kashmir has done a wonderful job to uphold India.”

Senior Leader,Hira Lal Bhat,said that,”Kashmiri Pandit community will not budge till we achive oursacred goal of Homeland as envisaged in the Margdarshan Resolution.It was on this day that  that our selective killings were engineered.The only tribute to our martyrs is that we remain steadfast  in our struggle.”

Chairman Panun Kashmir,Dr.Ajay Chrungoo while speaking on the occasion said,”Article 370 and 35 A were the continuation of the Islamic state on the  soil of India to wreck the nation from within.It was the first step towards the reclaiming the Indian nation  in the state.Demolishing the Islamic jihadi state  requires  the creation of Panun Kashmir and we will not rst till we achive our goal.Our struggle is to reclaim Bharat in Kashmir with the creation of Homeland with UT status.”

Dr.Agnishekher,Convenor,Panun Kashmir said,” Panun Kashmir is the struggle for the  reclamation of Bharata in Kashmir.We are witnessing the creation of  Panun Kashmir  very soon as  historical forces are converging to defeat the jihadis. Panun Kashmir is the civilizational continuity  that strives to reverse genocide.Time has come for the whole community to  play an active role to take the goal to its logical conclusion.”

Vote of thanks was presented by Bihari Lal Koul,Secretary ,Panun Kashmir and programme co-ordinator.


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