Ladakh Buddhist Association (LBA), Panun Kashmir and IkkJutt Jammu to work towards realisation of separate UT for Kashmiri Pandits: Kungzang Namgyal, president LBA

In a power punch speech on Kashmiri Pandit Martyr’s Day commemoration organized by Panun Kashmir in Jammu, Kungzang Namgyal,president,Ladakh Buddhist Association (LBA) has said, ” Ladakh Budhist Association (LBA), Panun Kashmir and IkkJutt Jammu will work in tandem to achieve the unfinished goals of reorganisation and creation of a Union Territory of Panun Kashmir for displaced nationalist Kashmiri Pandits in Valley.”

Applauding the role of all nationalists in J&K the president of LBA Kungzang Namgyal said,”Kashmiri Pandits and Ladakhis have been in the forefront of the political reorganisation of the state for years.We are thankful to central government that Ladakh has been granted a long pending status of Union Territory.With the abrogation of Article 370 and 35 A  Indian nation has been upheld in Jammu,Kashmir and Ladakh. LBA stands shoulder to shoulder  with Panun Kashmir  in its struggle for the carving out of separate Homeland  with Union territory status for the reversal of Kashmiri Pandit genocide.”


Expressing himself on Article 370 he said, “Ladakhis through Ladakh Budhist Association through its then president (Cheewang Rigzin) had communicated the reservation of LBA against Article 370 and pleaded for separation of Ladakh from J&K and creation of Union Territory of Ladakh to the then Prime Minister of India Pt J L Nehru through a memorandum.” Adding, “Ladakh has its own identity, culture, language and topography and it was on the basis of these LBA has been consistently demanding abrogation of 370 and creation of Union Territory consistently since 1949.” He added, “It was with the moral support of many nationalist organizations like Jammu Mukhti Morcha and Panun Kashmir that we have achieved the demand separate UT for Ladakh.”


In a message to the KP community the president of LBA said, “Ladakhis have never compromised on the basic demand of Union Territory for last 70 years and every time a central delegation visited Ladakh or we got the opportunity to meet the central government, the demand of UT was always a focus item in all deliberations and August 5 led to its realization.”

Thanking the Union Governemnt Kungzang Namgyal said, “What could not be achieved in last 70 years has been accomplished by the our PM Narender Modi and HM Amit Shah in just 6th year of governance and this shows their resolute faith in the ideology of abrogation of Art 370.”

Expressing the commitment of LBA Kungzang Namgyal said, “Along with the demand of separate UT for Ladakh, there is a growing demand for state hood for Jammu and for last 30 years Kashmiri Pandits demand of a UT in Valley, and LBA will extend all possible support towards realization of these demands considering these demands fall well within the ambit of Constitution of India.”

Advising the KP community to continue the struggle of achieving Panun Kashmir with renewed vigour he said, “The demand of separate Union Territory is a realistic demand and it will be achieved, provided we continue our struggle unitedly.” Adding, “I am sure a time will arrive soon when brother and sisters of KP community will have a separate place in the form of a Union Territory.”


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