India’s appetite to shape global agenda is much more: Jaishankar

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said on Tuesday that India’s foreign policy today has a much stronger connection with the national security policy and the country’s appetite to shape global agenda is much more than before.

Addressing a press conference here to mark the first 100 days of the BJP-led government at the Centre in its second tenure, Jaishankar said that there is a stronger link now between domestic and foreign policy.

He said the country was leveraging global practices and partnerships to foster development and there were more technology and project-based outcomes.

“Collaborations have become a more salient part of foreign policy,” he said and referred to North America, Europe, Northeast Asia, ASEAN, and the Gulf as among areas of active engagement.

Jaishankar said there is a much stronger connection between national security policy and foreign policy.

“Our appetite to shape global agenda is much more than before,” he said, adding that this can be seen on issues such as climate change.

He said that in big debates at multilateral fora, India’s views are heard more clearly.

Jaishankar said that Indian diaspora was a unique aspect of foreign policy.

“The diaspora is, of course, the forte and in many ways somewhat unique aspect of our foreign policy and that is underlined by what is going to be coming up very soon in the United States which is a big diaspora event in partnership with our Indian-American community,” Jaishankar said.

The minister said India has to be seen and heard and its personality has to express itself on the international stage and referred to the manner which Yoga has gained prominence on the international stage.

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