Sibal objects to clubbing politics with education

Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Tuesday objected to the authorities in Gujarat “clubbing” politics with education when school students were being taught about the abrogation of Article 370 to mark the celebration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday.

“The department of education of a school located in Gujarat’s rural area issued a directive that students should be taught about the abrogation of Article 35 A and discussions should also be held on such issues so that Modi’s birthday is celebrated in a good way. So, this is called clubbing of education and politics. Result of such things will come out in the upcoming few years,” said Sibal, a former HRD minister.

Commenting on the mega event, Howdy Modi! that is scheduled to be organised in Houston, Texas, Sibal said that PM Modi should hold such events in India as well instead of holding ‘external extravaganzas’.

“If Howdy Modi! is being held out of India then it should take place here as well. Modi should go to the rural areas of this country and have an event like Howdy Modi! and the people of India will tell him what they are facing. I hope he organises such events here but he holds these external extravaganzas for both internal and external consumption. But I think extravaganzas don’t result in prosperity for the ordinary people of this country, such things are okay for publicity” he said.

Further speaking about the current economic situation, Sibal said that the government has destroyed the future of the Indian economy and therefore the future of the citizens has also been destroyed.

“I am really surprised because the first thing that the government must do is to recognise where the problem lies. Unless you do that, you’ll not be able to find a solution. The problem all started with demonetisation. The economy was well on its way back with seven to eight per cent growth pattern until demonetisation happened. Demonetisation didn’t allow cash transactions to take place, especially in the informal and rural sector,” said Sibal.

Sibal said Dr Manhoman Singh earlier mentioned that there would be a two per cent fall in the GDP which actually went beyond that figure. If we look at the GDP in the context of the old method of tabulation, it is about three and a half per cent.

“One must recognise the fact that they have destroyed the future of the economy in India and therefore destroyed the future of the people as well. This doesn’t come as a surprise; the current economic situation was bound to happen. The commercial transportation sector has also been destroyed,” Sibal added.

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