PM Modi’s speech at UN reflects his dedication towards Indians: Altaf Hussain

Praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recently concluded United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder Altaf Hussain termed his speech as a reflection of his determination and dedication towards the people of India.

Comparing the speeches delivered by Prime Minister Modi and his Pakistani counterpart Imran Khan at the UNGA meeting, Hussain said, “This is the difference between an ‘elected’ and a ‘selected’ Prime Minister; one who is backed by the people of his country while the Pakistani military has put weight behind Imran Khan.”

Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was the first person who called Khan as a ‘selected’ prime minister while congratulating him at the opening session of the National Assembly last year soon after the elections.

The MQM leader added, “The popularity of Prime Minister Modi was visible when he was twining hand-in-hand with US President Donald Trump. I am amazed to see their friendship.”

Meanwhile, Hussain also touched upon the pressing issue of minority atrocities in Pakistan.

“Why will people laud Imran Khan? What has he done for his country? The Pakistani military establishment has abducted hundreds of Baloch men and women from Balochistan. They are putting thousands of Mohajrs and Pashtuns into torture cells. The prime minister should look first into what is happening with the people of his country. Why is there a discrimination among the people of the same country,” the leader stressed.

“Pakistan’s intelligence agencies have been abducting Baloch people who are fighting against the injustices committed by the Pakistani military establishment in Balochistan,” he added.

Stressing on the part that Pakistan has been violating the UN resolutions and kidnapping minor girls in Balochistan and Sindh and forcibly converting their religions, the leader further called out Pakistan for imposing undeclared Martial Law in the country and pointed out that the sole representative of Mohajir Nation-MQM-has been restricted to do active politics in Pakistan.

He also appealed the international community, especially India, to extend moral and diplomatic help to Mohajirs and other communities.

The MQM leader is currently under detention in London. The British police have said that the investigation is still in process. Hussain’s bail was extended for a month on September 13 in a case related to a 2016 speech, wherein he allegedly urged his supporters to take the law into their own hands, Pakistani media reports.

The MQM founder is barred from addressing crowds for fear of instigating them and he is bound to stay at the designated address under curfew conditions from morning to evening.

Hussain cannot leave the UK without police permission either.

Since the 1990s, Hussain has been living in the UK in a self-imposed exile following a crackdown on his party in Pakistan. He later gained British citizenship.

Hussain regularly makes television addresses or telephone speeches to his supporters, where he heavily criticises the Pakistan Army and ISI for alleged military oppression of Muhajirs.

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