Many countries concern Pak might conduct ‘cross-border activities’ following India’s move on Kashmir, says US

The United States has voiced the concern of many countries that Pakistani terrorists might conduct “cross-border activities” in India in the aftermath of the abrogation of Article 370 unless the Pakistani establishment “keep a lid on (these) militant groups.”

“I think many have concerns that Pakistan keep a lid on militant groups that might conduct cross-border activities as a result of the Kashmir decisions,” Assistant Secretary of Defence for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs, Randall Shriver said on Tuesday, adding that he does not believe China wants or would be willing to support any such conflict.

Shriver’s statement came in response to a question on whether China is trying to insert its role in the conflict between Pakistan and India over the Kashmir issue.

“I don’t sense that china wants that kind of conflict or support that. So I think its mostly diplomatic and political support,” he said.

“China has a longstanding relationship with Pakistan. And they have growing competition with India. So I think on a range of issues including Kashmir, china has leaned towards Pakistan. They supported Pakistan in the international fora, there were some discussions about whether or not Kashmir would be taken up in the UN, China would support that,” he added.

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