After Gen Bipin Rawat’s claim Balakot reactivated, Imran Khan advises his people not to cross LoC

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday warned his country’s army and people not to cross over into India through Line of Control (LoC) to provide humanitarian aid or any support to Kashmiris as it will be playing into the “narrative of India” that says terrorism is driven by Pakistan.

His message for the Kashmiris on his 67th birthday came as a new admission from the Prime Minister over the fact that Pakistan indeed continues to push terrorists into India, along the LoC.

Khan took to Twitter to reiterate his diabolic rhetoric on Kashmir, saying that the “inhumane curfew” has been continuing since more than two months in the Valley.

Pakistani prime minister’s advisory to his people to not cross over into India has come nearly 10 days after Indian Army chief revealed that terror camps in Balakot are active again, almost seven months after the Indian Air Force destroyed the Jaish-e-Mohammad-run complex run in retaliation for the Pulwama terror attack.

“Balakot has been reactivated by Pakistan very recently. That shows that Balakot has been affected. It had been damaged and destroyed. And that is why people have got away from there and now it has been reactivated,” Army chief Bipin Rawat had told reporters on September 24 at the Officers Training Academy.

General Rawat added that close to 500 infiltrators are waiting to infiltrate into India.

This is not the first time that the cricketer-turned-prime minister has played a rash shot. His bid to internationalise Kashmir has disastrously failed on all international platforms.

Even before he spoke at the United Nations General Assembly last month, he was forced to admit the failure of “Mission Kashmir”.

“To be absolutely frank, I am a bit disappointed by the international community,” adding that the reaction would have been different and more urgent had it been 8 million Europeans who had been put under siege or Jewish people or Americans — it would have been different if there were just eight Americans. He lamented, “What options do we have? What do we do?,” he said in a press conference on September 25:

Despite being snubbed globally over the Kashmir issue, Khan at the UN General Assembly meeting had yet again warned of dire consequences in the event of a nuclear war with India over the matter.

“My belief is we will fight and when a nuclear-armed country fights till the end it will have consequence far beyond the borders. I am warning you. It’s not a threat but worry about where are we heading. If this goes wrong you hope for the best but prepare for the worst,” Khan had said.

India has maintained that the move is an internal matter of the country – a stance which has been supported by several countries, including the SAARC nations and the Arab World.

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