‘Indian education system completely against principle of sustainable development goal’

A 21-year-old Madurai-based law aspirant, who recently addressed the United Nations Human Rights Council Social Forum (UNHRC) in Geneva, believes that the Indian education system is totally against the principle of sustainable development goals.

The law aspirant named Premalatha Tamilselvan had addressed the UNHRC forum at the screening ‘A Path to Dignity: The Power of Human Rights Education’, a 2012 documentary in which she featured.

Speaking to ANI about what she lectured out at the UNHRC forum, Premalatha said, “I raised the widespread caste difference prevalent in the Indian society at UNHCR social forum. I also raised the NEET exam row on the international platform.”

“I studied human rights at my school. I have stressed the need to include a study on human rights in the main curriculum,” she added.

During the lecture, she delivered at the UNHRC social forum on October 2, Premalatha said, “While growing up as an adult I realised the negative effects of the caste system in India. The Indian education system is totally against the principle of sustainable development goals with upper and lower caste mentally promoted in the children to create hatred in their minds.”

Pointing out incidents she faced due to prevalent caste system in India, Premalatha said, “The results are based on caste and NEET exams totally discriminates poor people. Due to NEET, several students have committed suicide.”

The law aspirant also said that she asked the dignitaries present at the forum about “how India can achieve sustainable development goal with this kind of discrimination?”

The Social Forum of the UN is an annual meeting convened by the Human Rights Council for open and interactive dialogue on a theme chosen by the Council each year.

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