Several vehicles stranded at Jammu-Srinagar NH following landslide

Hundreds of trucks and other vehicles were stranded at Jammu-Srinagar National Highway (NH-44) for the past 19 hours owing to a massive landslide which took place in Mehad area.

Several trucks stranded in the vicinity were transporting apples. The drivers expressing apprehension said that if they didn’t deliver the consignment, it might rot.

“I am stranded here with my truck loaded with Apple. The whole stock will perish,” said a truck driver.

The Landslide took play on Thursday.

The landslide has also caused severe inconvenience to people. Many of whom have missed their trains.

“I have to catch the train from Jammu, but it’s already too late now,” said a passenger.

The landslide debris clearance operation had commenced on Thursday night.

Soon after the landslide, the traffic Police had stopped all types of vehicles bound for Jammu or Srinagar, not allowing them to proceed beyond Jakheni in Udhampur and Quazigund in Kashmir to prevent the traffic jam on Highway.

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