After Digvijaya’s tweet, Kamal Nath says 3000 cow shelters will constructed by 2020

After Congress leader, Digvijaya Singh raised the issue of stray cows on Bhopal-Indore highway which leads to accidents, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath on Friday informed that the state government has set a target of constructing 3,000 cow shelters by the next year.

Taking to Twitter, Nath apprised Singh about the concern he raised over stray cows and said, “Dear Digjiyaya ji, you mentioned about the accident of cows sitting on Bhopal-Indore highway. I have asked officials to make a plan about the security of cows on main roads. Construction work of 1000 cow shelters is underway. We have set a target of constructing 3000 cow shelters by next year,” he tweeted.

The Chief Minister continued, “After this, the numbers of cows sitting on roads will be reduced. I am concerned about it. We are planning a scheme to make main cities free from stray animals. It is also true that for us, cows are a symbol of faith and pride and not for politics. We want to do the work which has not been done in years to protect cows.”

This response by Nath comes after former chief minister Digvijaya Singh posted a picture of a stray cow and said that the state government should immediately remove them from the roads.

“This is a picture of the Bhopal Indore highway where stray cow sit and die almost every day in an accident. Where are our cow lowers and cow protectors? The MP government should immediately remove these stray cows from the roads and send them to cow sanctuaries or cow shelters,” he tweeted.

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