Army, NASSCOM to come together for facilitating modern-day IT jobs for veterans

In a path-breaking initiative which will have far-reaching implications, Army and NASSCOM will come together to find modern-day jobs for Army veterans in the IT Sector.

Army produces a large number of cadres in various IT related fields but many of them face difficulties in finding suitable options in the second inning after an active army life mostly because of the technological and cultural differences.

Many multi-national firms have shown keenness to hire the Army veterans for their exceptional attributes including discipline and loyalty, however technological and cultural differential with the corporate world becomes a significant challenge in hiring these veterans for modern-day IT-related jobs.

Now for ensuring easy access to such jobs, the idea is being driven jointly by Army, NASSCOM and US Bank Wells Fargo.

Two-day brainstorming seminar in this regard is planned in Bangalore on October 22-23.

While the Army will assess the industrial needs during the two-day event in Bangalore, NASSCOM will help the Army in orienting to the modern industrial needs in the IT sector. Big industrial houses will also be present to share challenges of HR and draw benefits from this first-ever mega-event of this type.

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