Maharashtra: Body Scanners installed at security check points of Pune Airport

New Body Scanner Security System at Pre-Embarkation Security Check has been installed in SHA 2 (security hold area) at Pune Airport from October 15 on trial basis.

According to Pune Airport Authority, these body scanners will automatically detect potential prohibited items concealed under clothing or on the body.

“When a potential threat is detected, the location of the object is marked on a neutral graphic outline of a human body. In the interest of preserving privacy, body scanner does not produce any image of the person being screened”, the airport authority said in a statement.

The system uses safe millimetre wave radio frequency technology and its transmit power is thousands of times less than that produced by a mobile phone.

As per the press statement, Airports Authority of India (AAI) is planning to have around 200 body scanners across India and this will further strengthen the security setup as well as curtail time of security screening.

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