Govt sells budget-friendly vegetable saplings to boost kitchen garden culture in Kashmir

In a bid to boost kitchen garden culture in Srinagar, the central government on Saturday distributed vegetable saplings to the locals at an economical price.

People including aged men and women queued in large numbers to buy the saplings.

It is believed that growing vegetables in the backyards will give relief to people from buying vegetables from the market at skyrocketed prices and will also keep the city clean and green.

“I am very sure that the quality of the saplings will be very good as the government has proper experts and scientists. We will now grow vegetables in the backyard and will not be much dependable on the market,” said Meraj-u-din Ahmad, a customer.

“I am sure that I will be able to save approximately Rs 1,000 every month by growing vegetables in our own house. This activity will also educate children about the kitchen garden. It will also keep the surroundings clean,” said Bashir Shah, another customer.

A few days back, the central government had also issued a notice to all the government schools to set up a kitchen garden in their backyards.

The main aim of this exercise is to improve nutrition in schools and inculcate habits among the students in the era of rapid urbanisation. It is also believed that this move will also develop some skills among the children on growing vegetables and fruits in homes and schools.

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